The seeing eye knows....

Rach consulted the *all knowing eye* and determined that I will have a book published. ~grins~(YEP! me who hates to proof read). I do not know what was odder....the thought of me writing a book or us consulting the *all knowing eye* for major life matters. And to add to the suspense....the damned thing is usually right! I wonder if the eye knows (duh...of course it knows!) that was always a dream of mine in my younger years. Anyway, here I find myself on the cusp of the great American.... eeerrrrrr.... blog and I am blank. Those of you who will get to know me will find that totally weird!! My mind is always faster than my fingers. Here my fingers sit, poised above the key board much like s swimmer waiting atop the block and THE DAMNED STARTER GUN WILL NOT GO OFF!! ~sighs~ I shall never be a mimi, dooce or spookyrach. Words do not work for me in those ways. I will let you in on a little secret.....slowly but surely I am finding out who I am and I think this may just be the way to do that even better.


  1. Yay! Great start! I heard the pistol go off several sentences ago.


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