Waves Bye Bye To February

February was a good month.  Some days we had temps in the 80's and other days we had snow.

Texas weather....ya just gotta love it.

The innards of the craft room are still in my living room.  I cleaned the wooden floor and stenciled a design onto it.  I will get the baseboards painted and the floor varnished and then move everything back in.  The cats are enjoying the *jungle gym* in the living room.

Continued to work out.  I did miss several sessions due to being sick and my mom's eye doctor appointments but STILL doing it.  Still cannot wear those danged work out tops that are hanging in my closet.  gggrrrr

Walked a little over 3 miles once.  LOL That is not a big deal.  I am in a group that is working on walking a 5K a day in March.  I am going to work on that.  I won't be walking on the days that I work out or teach but I plan on getting more than 3 miles done.

On the very last day of the month I managed to do mountain climbers, jumping jacks and spiders ON THE FLOOR like they are supposed to be done instead of on the wall like I have been doing them. They were not pretty but I did them!  

Blogged 4 times.  I missed my weekly mark but still managed to get 4 blogs in.  I have now blogged more in 2016 than I did the entire year of 2015.  I have enjoyed writing again even though it has been hard to come up with subjects.  I tend to think I am really boring.  Is there anything at all you would like to know?

Resigned as President of the board and volunteer at Paws.  My heart kind of broke that day.

Went to the eye doctor twice with my mom.  That is 4,298 hours that we will never get back again.  I love her doctor so much and I am grateful that I have the time and can go with her.  The waiting, however, sucketh.

Went to one of the grand's birthday party.

I went to a tattoo convention.  Did not get a tat.  Saw people I knew!  Met a new friend!    
Katie did get her belly button pierced!  I also got to hang out with my cousin and his girlfriend.
Was sick with that coughing stuff for a while.  Here is a thought, if you are sick and contagious...stay the hell home why don't you?

Sent out LOTS of cards and packages.  I managed to do lots more than one a week with Valentines.

Rearranged one of my kitchen walls.

Took umpteen loads to the thrift store.  More will be making their way there.

Complete the Valentine card swap.

Deleted over 50 people from facebook that I swear that I did not know.  Why did I add them? Why did they add me?   I also deleted a lot of pages that just clutter up my feed.  It felt good.  

Had a tiny little break down.  Or maybe that was just the lingering breakdown from January.  Who knows.  I am much better now.

Saw my oncologist.  Still doing good!  I will see him again in 6 months.  LOL you can tell by my eyes that I was already not feeling good.  Dang people and their germs.  YAY oncologist that give you a Z pack so that you don't have to go to another doctor.

One of my children got a year older.  OMG I cannot have a child  that old.

Found out that both of my kids really do listen to me (sometimes) when an opportunity came up and they both reminded me what my word this year is.  

I made it to a little over 40 days on the Whole30.  I have had a few things that are not allowed on the eating plan but have slipped back into eating healthy again. It has seriously not been hard to eat this way.  I just have to stay prepared.   I did find out that I have a reaction to peanut butter.  Not something that I wanted  to know!  I do so love crunchy peanut butter.

Early voted.  BLAM!

I managed to pack my breakfast and lunch each and every day for work.  You poor people have had to look at those pics on facebook and instagram.

I did not reward myself weekly this month even though I am still working out and losing.  The big reward came at the end of February when I got a sweet new pair of workout kicks.

Tried cauliflower crumbles and LIKED them!


  1. You are not boring. Not at all. You do more than anyone I know. I had a sick nap today and just reading that makes me want to have another.

  2. Yay for your most EXCELLENT month!!

    1. ~grins~ Yes yes yes. Isn't it weird that windows are a selling point? lol

  3. I do not think you are boring.

    I would like to know more about the people in your life that you love. Tell us about some of your friends. Why are they important to you? Why do they love you? You seem to attract fascinating, interesting people - so write about them!

    (Also, thanks for the food inspiration....)

    1. Thank you so much for noticing that about my friends! They are an eclectic lot. lol That is a great idea....I might get them to do some guest posting!

  4. Nope, you're not boring! I love that blue on you! What a great month you had!

    1. It was! LOL I did kind of rock that doctor's gown didn't I? lol

  5. When you said earlier you were going to have to give up something you loved, I was so afraid it was Paws but I do understand, you can only go in so many directions before ripping yourself apart. On another note, Girlie, you are sooooo far from boring. I love reading your post as well as your blog. Amazed by you all the time, love you bunches and really miss you.

    1. LOL I really miss you too! We need to meet up at the Brew. Love love you!!

    2. Would love some coffee, should meet you and Shelby both. I'm always reading about your "tea" adventures

  6. 'That old' WTF mother?!

    1. As you know, it is much easier for me to GIVE advice than to realize it also applies to me too. lol

  7. Funny you mentioned having a reaction to peanut butter. I can't eat it anymore, which is heart-breaking because I love it! What isn't better with peanut butter on it?

  8. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Love the "Thrift Loads" they pass by here first. #oneluckygirl! CT


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