Love, Compassion, Kindness and Crankypants.....

 I posted this to my facebook on Tuesday.  I intended it to be a positive push to do good.  Anything that I put on facebook in that vein is aimed at me.  Anyone else that it touches is just gravy.  I use the word *touches* in a good way and not in a *rub your fur the wrong way with both hands until electricity shoots  out of both your ears* kind of way.  Boy, was I off.  I ended up taking the entire post down, not only because of the comments but because of the private messages I was getting.  It is like people either do not really know me or were looking for things to be contrary about.   To be fair, there was way more positive than there was negative.  If you know me you know....Mindy does not like negative or controversy. 

I get enough of that in the real world without picking it up and shaking it.  I know better than to pick up snakes.

Three main issues came up.  #1 It's not true.  #2 Luck plays a big deal in all of it and #3 That is all about karma and we don't need that because of Jesus and grace.   I had some things to say on these 3 subjects so I wanted to address all of that here. 

#1 It's not true.  I believe it is.  I have lived it.  Now, something we pour our love, compassion, kindness and faith into the wrong people.  That hurts.  Especially when we KNOW not to but do it anyway.  Good will still come just might not be from where we expected it.  I poured all of that into my ex (one of the things I rarely talk about lol!) and just knew that those would be appreciated and come back.  They didn't.  Instead, he poured something else into someone else and TADA a baby happened!  I was devastated.  I got angry at God and told him about it.  Today, I look back and see that him coming back would have been the worst thing in the world for myself and my children.  I got good 1000 x's back AND dodged a bullet.  So, I got good back but from unexpected places.  I also believe that if we are doing those things in a manipulative will never work.  We do not do good to get good FROM WHAT WE WANT.  We throw good out on the water knowing that, eventually it comes back to us.

#2 Luck plays a big place in it all and that there are people in other countries that do the right thing and still do not get good.  Okay, I cannot argue with that.  I can reiterate that I totally meant this on a personal level.  I do realize being born white and in the US has had a lot of advantages.  I have also worked really hard to get to where I am.  Again...personal level. My little piece of the pond.

#3  That is all about karma and we don't need that because of Jesus and grace.  Well alrighty, let's go there.  I am a Christian.  I am a Christian who has friends of all different beliefs and non-beliefs.  They love me and I love them.  I am also a Christian who is currently disillusioned with most organized religion because of how a whole lot of *christians* act.  Yes, I am so glad that I am saved by grace and have to do nothing else.  Nothing!   westboro baptist church also believes the very same thing!  Don't kid yourself, when the word Christian is used, the majority of people think of wbc or people who want to oppress others.  So, if I as a Christian think that all I SHOULD do is throw a ichthus onto my back bumper and wait for the rapture...then something is so very wrong with me and I think it grieves my Maker. We are called upon to have love, compassion, kindness and faith  each.  When we do those things...good will happen. One upon a time, a young man told me that I *did not act like a christian* and it blew my mind and changed forever how I processed Christianity in my own head.  He had been gay for as long as he could remember.  When he was little, he would dress in his sister's clothes.  His mom, what was a christian and took him to church every time the door was open, tried to *beat the gay out of him* with electrical cords while quoting bible verses to him.  That was his earliest memory and he thinks that he was around 4.  Real Christians have a whole lot of making up to those *christians* that have come before us and have caused so much damage.

 I want to live my life in a way so that people look at me and think *what is it that she has.....I want that*.  I do not want people to think that I love a magical Jesus in a lamp that I rub and he makes all my wishes come true.  Because, that is just not how it works and...that makes for a very tiny Jesus.

I try to use facebook and my blog (those 6 times I post a year) in a fun positive way.  I really do try to make the world a better place.  Every once in a while I will dip into my depression issues or get snarky about having a bad day.  But, all in all, I do try to use it for good and not for evil.  If I wanted controversy I would talk about:  gun rights (for...but I am not dumb enough to tote mine into target or any store), death penalty (for), abortions (against and for), gays (for), straights (for), Obama (meh), breastfeeding (for but not when the kid is old enough to ask for it), breastfeeding in public ('s just a boob for goodness sake), women's rights (for), marriage equality (for..and do NOT say that it is a Christian thing because we let EVERYONE else get married),  spay and neutering (FOR!!!), assisted suicide (for), lottery (against),  RAKs (for), animal testing (against), spanking (did it),  sports player's  pay (WAY too much), teacher's pay (we cannot pay them enough), Palin (against), Clinton (against), SNL (WAY better in the 80's and 90's), marijuana (against except for honest to goodness medical situations), immigration (wow, this one is tough.  We created a horrible problem in Mexico...we need to fix it.  Not sure how we need to do that.  I know people that should without a doubt be deported.  I also know others that have been a bonus to this country that should not be deported.  If it happens in another country we call them our county we call them illegal aliens), welfare (for but oh how I would over haul the system and YES I can talk about it cause I received it once upon a time) and drug testing for welfare recipients (for....I know that there are lots of people out there on welfare that are not on drugs.  I also know that there is a large population of people that get benefits that are. I have no problem being drug tested at my job where I receive a paycheck) periods (I am so ready to be over THAT), sex education (oh HELL YES...I personally think that, a right of passage at age 13, males and females get inoculated with some sort of birth control), daylight savings time (against), proof reading (against  LOL)  and vaccinations (For! Polio....ain't no body got time for that).

Any thing else you want to know? 

...or hell, maybe I was just hormonal and y'all did not mean a thing by it ~grins~


  1. Sweet cuddly little baby Jesus is not tiny, (I loved that paragraph. Read it out loud to Adrian.). I can't believe anyone got on a horse about that quote you posted. You know some strange ducks. I love you to pieces. And then I stick you back together with glitter glue.

    1. I was very lucky to have an office next to Rachel's. She was the one that taught me about *magical jesus*. I owe her a whole lot. I do love my strange ducks. I know that all 3 were coming from different angles and I understood where the first 2 were coming from. I love you AND your glitter glue. For reals. ever and ever.

  2. Well I just wrote a 15 minute note and blogger must have had gas. In a nutshell what I said was amen to your post. And I sighed at the thought of what you had to go through just posting something so benign. Pretty much why I have staying Way from Facebook except for uploading pics for diane. Just to avoid this sort of nonsense, because there will always be that one goofball out there ( or a bunch of them) that will jerk or chains.
    I'm sorry you had to go through that, but this was a great post!!


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