52 Verbs Balance

 On Valentine's Day, I ran to Casseroles To Go (one of my FAVORITE places in Plainview) to pick some of us up some salads.  While there, my friend Janet looked at me and exclaimed *You look so healthy AND happy!*  I thought to myself.....yes.  Yes I am.  Especially the happy part.   Six little words that she never had to say....but dang they meant the world to me...especially knowing that someone can SEE it.  

I get home today and there is a box on my porch. I think...well that's odd... I don't remember ordering anything. Take it in to the kitchen and open it. Stand by the dining room table and take out the Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love and the cross stitch that says be* you* tiful.  The note says page 118 Jay at the desk.  Flip really fast to page 118.  I start laughing and crying all at the same time. Freak out the cats.  Di took the time to reach out and send me love.  She KNEW I would get it.  Di is someone that holds me up and prays for me....and I have seen a picture of my name on her prayer wall.  When she sent me that pic, I was humbled to my core.  She means business.

Look at the picture and you see all sorts of bits and pieces of love there.  Valentine's, flowers, a hand blown glass heart carefully picked and sent to me all the way from Washington, a new flying pig to add to my collection, a silver talisman from Amy that makes me feel strong and brave like she is holding my hand.  Everything in that picture reminds me that I am wanted, cared for, sought after, cherished, held on to...loved.  What is not pictured there is all of the words that are typed, texted and whispered (sometimes shouted ~laffin~) telling me the same thing....day after day.  I am loved.  It is pressed into my hands and my heart.  Beloved.

When my crazy world spins a little faster than normal and my axis begins to weave and bob...you reach out and gently right me and give me my balance again.  

My heart gets that crazy thumping feeling and I smile...and I wear you all like a blanket.  

I am happy.


  1. Aww Mindy.... that's so wonderful and beautiful and all things you..... and you are so loved and adored.... we always seem to be the last people to see we are. But I reckon that's a common human foible. I think that the best thing ever is someone noticing you look happy!! Wasn't that the best? I love that for you. You deserve so much... I love you... into all time and space and beyond. And to the depths of the ocean, which you will see.. soon enough!! Pink Puffies... and sugar love.

  2. That is just so beautiful, Mindy! You are loved, and you are beautiful inside and out. And you spread that beauty in all that you do!

  3. I love the talismans I have from my girlfriends - and some of them have come from you. Even on the worst of days, it is good to have solid proof of that love across the miles. Love you much!!


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