Challenge #2--9 Loves

Well I am like YEARS behind on this thing...but I am going to work on it.  Maybe it will kick start my blog.

I am going to list things and stuff....not family because you all already know that I love them. 

My nine loves:

1)  Cooking.  I love to cook.  Lately I have thought about venturing out and seeing if there are any cooking contest that I could enter.  Plus you all know I would LOVE to have a food truck.

2)  Norma Jean...the scooter.  I am so in love with her pink self.  I go to my motorcycle class this month so I can be legal to ride her!

3)  Paper.  I love and horde all sorts of paper.  If I like it, I keep it.  It can be scrap booking paper, magazine pages, postcards.  I love euphemia.  My friend Terry took me to a paper store in Santa Fe and I could have stayed there forever!

4)  Packaging.  I do not buy things because of a commercial.  You won't suck me in that way.  But packaging??!  I am subscribed to Birchbox and a whole lot of the reason is how it is packaged.  That stark pretty cardboard box opens to reveal things wrapped in ribbons and pretty vibrant tissue papers.  (if you are interested in Birchbox, let me know and I will send you an invite)

5)  Bling and bells.  It does not have to be over the top but I like that sparkle.  All of my sandals have rhinestones on them.  I also have several bracelets that necklaces that make noise when I move.  That makes me very happy.

6)  Thrift stores and garage sales.  My slice of heaven on earth.  I have a REALLY hard time paying retail on things at times.  My head thinks *I know I can totally find this for a quarter someday.* 

7)  Pinterest and Facebook.  I also HATE Pinterest and Facebook.  I know you understand.

8)  Alone time.  I got that recently.  I love all of the people in my life but somethings I have got to be alone.  I recharge and renew during that time.  That is nothing negative towards the people I am surrounded by.  I just know what I need and sometimes I need to be alone to make the static stop.

9)  Surprises...the good ones.  I love it when I get a card from Diana just out of the blue.  I have saved all of her cards and have them wrapped with a ribbon on my craft table so that I can see them everyday.  Last week Jamie gave me a crown that was on my pinterest list!  I was totally not expecting it.  I love it when good things make my heart leap.  You all do that to me. 
This is the crown!  Picture courtesy of the Katie's Rose Cottage Designs and used with her permission.  You can see her amazing store here.        


  1. I love it when you make lists!

  2. Your lists are so cool.
    I like paper too!

  3. You are totally sucking me in on the birchbox thing...

  4. #8-I didn't bother you while you were having your alone time, thankyouverymuch.


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