Some Wednesdays You Just Gotta Say Something

One of my good friends started a for sale in Plainview page on facebook.  It really took off and she made me an administrator of the page.  Then for several pages.  Then I made my own page for handmade stuff.

Overall, it has been really fun.  I have met a whole lot of nice people and I have sold some things.  I have also learned several things.
1)  Some people cannot follow rules to save their lives.
2)  Some people tell you they are going to buy your stuff and then you never hear from them again.
3)  Women spend WAY too much money on purses and shoes.
4)  People can get really rude and resort to name calling in a heart beat.
5)  People should never post anything on the net if they have had more than 2 beers or 2 margaritas or 2 wine get the picture.
6)  Women spend WAY too much money on purses and shoes.
7)  People should never type in all caps. It is rude and considered screaming.
8)  Punctuation is optional in most people's lives.
9)  Women spend WAY to much money on purses and shoes.
10)  I am going broke.  ~laffin~

I have been on a roll the last few days.  I bought the first book of The Hunger Games series.

A cute blingy bracelet with big rhinestones. (I got a pink one too.)

And then these.......~cues the heavenly choir~ aaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa

These people are Toms.  The real Toms shoes.  I have wanted a pair for forever but I am too cheap thrifty tight frugal  money conscience to plunk down all that money. 

These shoes are ON MY BUCKET LIST!!!

And girlies these shoes are now MINE!
I was able to buy them at a fraction of their new price.  They are all barely used.  The cream colored ones you will see again because I am going to paint them. 

But these....THESES are the ones that make my heart sing.
                                                       ~does the happy happy dance~

Dorthy had her red ruby slippers and Mindy has her pink sparkly Toms. 

marks a line through another thing on the bucket list!


  1. Forever and always, when I think of you, you will be wearing pink sparkly Toms. That is all.

  2. Cyn you will never know how happy that makes me.

  3. How does one sell things on FB? I have some dolls I'm working on...would love to sell them.

    As for the shoes, pretty darn cool. Especially those little pink numbers!

  4. Hey Wonderful!

    Check and see if there is a for sale page in your town sweetie!
    And you may borrow my shoes anytime.

  5. Oh, wow, I do like those pink shoes--but I really, really like that silver bracelet that looks like two hands clasped together...can you tell me more about it???

  6. Annie that is one of my favorite bracelets of all time. The other is my charm bracelet. My friend Ester gave it to me years ago. She does not remember where she got it. I have asked her because I am so afraid of losing it.

  7. All of them? All of them? All yours? Oh my gosh I LOVE THEM.
    They look really comfortable AND cute.

  8. CUTE PINK SHOES! NO, I'm not yelling! I wanna see the pink blingy bracelet.
    You are a woman after my own heart!
    xo, Cheryl

  9. brilliant.
    happy for you xx

  10. I love you so much! You are so awesome!!!
    I'm very happy for you to get your pink Toms!!

  11. love it
    love you xx


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