The weekend started with getting to see my wonderful grandsons and is ending with me sitting here in my pjs watching Once Upon a Time (did you know that there was an 8th dwarf???).  Despite the wind (and dirt) blowing more than 70 mph, it has been a really good weekend.  Boy kisses, crafting, eating with friends, a nap.....a really good weekend.  

It has been way too long since I have posted a Thankfulness let's start this again.  Join with me if you wish. 

1.  Pantipalooza and how it brings people together.
2.  Clean panties!
3.  A warm home to be in when the wind is so horrible.
4.  A full tank of gas.
5.  Finding the shade of paint that is perfect for the make-over in Cade's room that is not Cade's room anymore.
6.   Power tools.
7.   DVR.
8.   Friends who cheer me on while I am still trying to kick the diet coke habit.
9.   Messages and text.
10.  A good hair cut.
11.  A whole box of sweet potatoes!
12.  Clear nail polish with glitter in it.
13.   Happy co-workers.
14.  People who treat others with respect.
15.  Dog kisses.
16.  Working on Valentine Gifts.
17.  Warm house shoes.
18.  Oatmeal even though I talk smack about it.
19.  Random Acts of Kindness
20.  And you...always you.

I thought I would include a pic of Cade buying groceries since he is no longer living at home. ~grins~



  1. Those are some awesome P's on your fridge. Wow!! I really like those!

  2. Always love your Thankfulness Lists!

  3. I love your Thankfulness list, too! One of these days I'm going to have to make one of my own!

    Yeah, I learned about "Stealth" Dwarf tonight, too....who knew? Love that show!! Makes me want to live in a Fairy tale, without the evil queen, tho! :o\



  4. My daughter shops my fridge and cabinets too. And I tried the steel cut oats because you had talked about them. I like the texture of the oats themselves --really chewy-- but I don't like all the mucusy goo. I am really big on texture. I like chewy oats and no goo. I guess I will go back to regular (not quick) rolled oats cooked about 45 seconds on the stove. One minute and the goo starts to get up. post and people just comment such fascinating stuff! More please. And for my thankful, I am thankful my daughter's boyfriend's mom is nice. That could prove important in the future. :)


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