I know it is has been a long time between blog post.  I also know that there may not be one soul reading me any more.  But if you are.....I really need you to do something for me.

You know how much I love my corgis.  They are just like my furry kids.  This is Chappy.  He was given to us by someone that was down sizing and did not need him any more.  They were glad he was going to a good home.  He is such a good old man and we love him dearly.  I recently discovered that he loves to swing in the porch swing with me.  ~grins~

And this is Gingerbean....lol I know I know she does not have to have an introduction.  She is like 15 corgis hyped up on Captain Crunch cereal all rolled into one.  She is my sweet sweet girl that I have had since she was a puppy.
I love my babies so very much.  They are very well cared for and loved. They are fed, watered and have a good home.  I could never imagine harming them in any way. 

So you can just imagine how it hurt my heart to hear about a puppy mill that was recently shut down a few months ago.  This mill was just a few miles from my home here in Plainview Texas.  There was up to 300 dogs rescued from the AlphaTex Kennels.  There were also horses rescued.  They were living in deplorable conditions.  It is reported that many had never been out of their cages.  The dogs were living in filth and their own waste.  The Humane Society of West Texas was instrumental in helping with the rescue and relocation of all the animals seized.   All of those animals are now being fostered due to the pending case.  You can read about the rescue HERE

There are several videos online that show the conditions of the animals seized.  Most are in deplorable condition and have no trust for humans.  The golden retrievers went to

Over 80% of the animals that are in foster care are very sick and are being treated.   You can read about that HERE

The owners of the *kennel* report that this was a temporary situation and that the county has overacted.  

This was NOT something that just happened.  This was years in the making. 

So logically you would think that everyone is just waiting to go to Court to get this taken care of.  You would expect that justice would sure and swift.

INSTEAD Floyd County Attorney and the County Judge want to settle out-of-court with Alpha Tex for $200,000.  

NOT the KENNEL paying!  That would be the COUNTY paying AlphaTex Kennels $200,000.  Do you know why?  Because the Kennel *spits*  is going to sue.


I have lost all respect for the attorney in this case.  Shame on him and AlphaTex.  I am suggesting that all 3 of them spend a month in the same conditions that the animals lived in....and eat their food covered in flies as the animals were required to do.  Then let's see if there is any suing going on.

What is WRONG with people????

Please take the time and go read about this for yourself.  Then, take just a minute of your time and sign the online petition requesting that Floyd County not drop the case and pay these people.

The petition can be found HERE.


  1. Done!!!! And I've missed you :P

  2. Done. I think people like that should be hanged by their toes. Makes me so upset.

  3. Hey girl...I'm still here reading you, no matter how often or infrequently you post! I know you recently read all about my kitties and the anti-freeze, and like you, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for my fur-kids. It makes me sick how people like that kennel can mistreat animals so badly and GET AWAY WITH IT!!!! I'm going over now to sign that petition!



  4. That is just horrific. *spit*spit* double spit* on them.

  5. That's just heartbreaking and it makes me so angry.

    How can people be unkind to animals? I just don't get it.

    And shame on the county.

    Off to sign the petition...

  6. Gosh, I'm so riled up I can't even spell......

    You know that this sort of thing irks me beyond belief!

    Thanks for posting and letting us know. I signed it, Mindy. I should be entry #1198.

  7. shocking!

    I hate this sueing mentality :(

  8. Mindy, wow that is awful, I am going to ready about that...puppy mills are so horrid.

    Good to see u back here :)

  9. A little late to the party, but I did it.

  10. VERY late to the party, but if petition is still up I'll be signing. Spitting with you.

  11. I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it.

  12. Im glad there are people helping with the rescue and relocation of all the animals seized.

  13. what happened in this?

  14. He is such a good old man.

  15. He is such a good old man.


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