God_Guurrlll wants to know 1) What is the meaning of life

I think that Calvin and Hobbes answered that many many times. I miss those two. I do not really know what the MEANING of life is. I do think we are supposed to leave people, places and things much better than what we found them and to find joy along the way. I mean really...if we are truly happy at no one else's expense...wouldn't this big ole world not be an even more amazing place?? So play nice, share and only occasionally run with scissors.

and #2 she wanted to know what would Jesus drive? I would have told you anything that he wanted. Mid-life cleared that question up with this answer: Some say Jesus would drive a Hummer - he had 12 friends and lived in the desert. Other's think he would have been more green minded. The apostles had to share a Honda - in several places we are told they were in one Accord.

JenJen ask if I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go, why and for how long??
I want to go to the state of Washington. I want to see real mountains and I just need to go there. I want to go where it is green and rains and it just feels right. It feels like I lost something there even though I have never been there. I want to go to Vegas and have a plan in the works for there. I have always wanted to go there at least one. I love Austin and I do not know why. I jump at that chance to go there. I want to meet a whole bunch of blogger. But when I think of visiting places or people, I do not have any sort of a time plan on it so I do not know how long I would stay.

Mid-Life Rookie wants to know: *How did you get to be so creative -skipping right past how things "should" be to explore all the possibilities of what they can be?*
Do I do that? Cause I do not see that at all. I tend to think that people think like I think. I love to reuse and repurpose things. Maybe it is cause I am cheap *grins* I actually remember my first garage sale when I was about 5. My grandmother took me and I bought a blue crackled vase for 10 cents. You have to remember I came from the generation that made trash cans out of egg cartons and decorations out of Readers Digest. *grins*

Dijea went on overload:
What if I don't want to know anything? Oh but you do grasshopper...do not fight it.
What if its better that I don't know? I would not tell you if you should not know.
Would living in oblivion be better than knowing? Sometimes yes
Where have you been, Twitter is not the same without you and Flutter? LOL..I am back
Why am I so needy? I do not see you as needy as much as I see you as curious.

ElastiGirl would like to know What my plan to fix the lopsided health care system in this country??
eerrrmmm......I feel like I am a Miss America contestant now! I hate to be a Debbie Downer but our government will never fix it. The people that run it will never give up the wealth nor with the pharmaceutical companies.

Swan girl wants to know if I ever get tired of her telling my she loves me?
Never ever ever ever. I do not think you tell me enough. ~winks~

PG wants me to tell her fortune.
~takes your open palm in my hand and looks on in amazement~ OMG PG!! LOOK LOOK! No don't! You would not believe it if you even saw it! Oh PG your future is amazing and SWEET! I see your face so happy. I see you on planes going to all the talk shows to tell about your new best seller book. I see WB as he graduates from college and gives the commencement address giving you kudos for how you raised him. Your home is going to be on MTV's CRIBS. PG trust me on this one...you just need to keep remembering two words. Your words are JOY and SWEET. You are going to see them around you a whole lot.
It's a Wonderful Why do our neighbors' trees fall on and damage our property? Is it because we had all our rotten, stupid Florida trees cut down?
Yes you are the cause of your neighbors trees falling on and damaging your property. Not because they hate you. It is because they are just jealous that they cannot live in your yard. That is why they sacrificed your patio furniture. They told me to tell you that they are really sorry about that.

Hot Cup what would you do if you lived in a boonieville and the silence was deafening to you? and uhm... time stretched on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on....??? how would ya shake it up so you didn't go positively mad?
I dance. By myself. Sometimes to real music and sometimes to the music in my head. I create. It took me a long long time but I finally learned that I could only be content in my own boonieville when I learned to be content in being alone. That is where Mindy takes care of Mindy. I could never be a half to someone else's half until I was full. I had to learn that I only hated the silence because I did not like being alone with myself. I do not know if that answered your question but maybe it answered one in myself.

Whoseyergurl Share your secrets with us as to the look of your blog...where you got the cute date pics, how you add stuff to the side column like that?
Oh gurl those are not secrets at all! It all has to do with adding things in your layout section!! Also, when I find something on a blog that I like, I click on it. If you click on my human calendar it will take you to here: http://www.humancalendar.com/ and you can make your own. If you want me to walk you though adding stuff, just let me know and I will call you and I can do that.
My blog template came from here: http://www.onecuteblog.blogspot.com/

Heidi Hey at least we're not alone in blogger's block, right? Love the questions asked...now we need the answers!! ;)
You got'em sunshine!

Stacey Are we going to sell the rest of our land this Summer?
Yes but do you really want to? Have you found all of the treasures yet?

Sue How did you get to be so very sweet?
*snorts* My mom will tell you in a heart beat that I am not nearly as nice as what I used to be. I do not think that I am sweet. I am actually a 56 year old bald man sitting at the computer in my tighty whities but ssshhhh don't tell anyone 'k? That will be our little secret.

Sandra is a curious girl who lives across the ocean and wants to know: 1. Who was it that called me when I was 8, and my mother hung up on them without taking a message? It was me and I wanted you to come out and play. She was very nice but told me you could not because you had been a naught girl!! What was it that you did to get into trouble?
2. Did my three-legged dog Tango really eat his fourth leg? That's what I keep telling everyone...
*snickers* no he did not! He told me that you sold it to buy your new sewing machine! Now I am thinking I KNOW why you were in trouble with your mom you little fibber!
3. When will humans become extinct?
Never. We will live on and on and we will carry little bitty pieces of those that loved us so that they never ever go extinct either. And when we pass, those that we loved will carry little pieces of us forward too.
XUE the girl with the beautiful name wants to know if there will there ever be a self-cleaning craft room?
gawd I hope not! I would NEVER be able to find anything then!! *snickers* I would much rather have a self cleaning bathroom....or child!

with a big old capital M


  1. Mindy, you crack me up. You and your tighty wightys.

  2. damn. your answer makes way to much sense.

  3. I like it when you laugh Sue. Even if it is at my undies expense.

  4. Hot Cup....only cause I have been there girl.

  5. Calvin and Hobbes are the best things ever. EVER!

  6. Oh, you are so wise! I'm just going to skip everyone else when I have a question and head straight to you!

  7. First you make me laugh. Then you made me cry. You so rock!

    And a plan for making a self cleaning child would win the Nobel Prize, no doubt!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ahem. As I was trying to say before the typo demons attacked... *I* not only SHOWED you REAL mountains I freaking DROVE YOU AROUND in them. *pout* *whine* I lived in Washington for a time. The mountains there are no different than the Rockies, even if we are at the southern end of the range.

  10. Ah, now I know why you are Princess of Everything (and then some), my wise woman from the North. May you and your undies enjoy driving the hummer while searching for treasures and spreading joy.

  11. And *gasp*! I would never sell Tango's foot for a sewing machine.

    His ear, maybe, but his foot?

    That's just wrong.

  12. Oh wise Princess....You are funnneeee! Please continue with more of such posts so that we can continue to laugh at your expense!

  13. MINDY,
    I am rolling in the floor, holding my tummy...laughing. WHERE do you get this stuff? "we are told Jesus drove a Honda when they were in one ACCORD?" LOVE IT. Specially, 'cause I drive a Honda. I do not think that Jesus would drive a Hummer because we all know that people who drive Hummers and live in austentacious (WHERE IS SPELLCKR?) houses are going straight to hell...
    according to the gospel of WHOSYERGURL.
    and...I loved Calvin & Hobbes too...but you & I both know that sick minds think alike!
    HUGS, Cheryl in IN

  14. I really like your meaning of life. It was really good, and I suppose I'm going to give up trying to convince you that it really IS forty-two.

  15. (I didn't see my question answered... did I miss it?)

  16. We have real mountains here in Wyoming, too. We call them the Tetons. But there's also the Uinta mountains which are the only range in the U.S. that go east-west, and they're about 30 minutes away from here. We're heading there right now with doggies for some sunshine, quiet, and romping unrestrained by leashes (that's for the dogs, not us).

    Come visit! This is yard-sale time of year, so it's the perfect time for you.

    Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic strip of all time. Did you know you can have it emailed to you every day? I do, and it's always my morning giggle.

  17. This cracks me up!

  18. Just want to let you know I'm nominating you for a well deserved award, so check out my site in a little while.

  19. I love all the questions and then the very imaginative answers. Your post is a great treat with which to start my day.

  20. :SNORT:
    Thank you - I needed your pearls of wisdom before I deal with the swine in my life.

    love you

  21. and

    'when are you coming to Finland?'

  22. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Mindy - I need advice from the Craft Queen - any ideas about what to do with an abundance of flower vases? They are too tall for colored pencils, but they are pretty enough to keep out & put something in them... I would like them to be for useful things, not just flowers or feathers...

  23. I just love your blog! I am now a follower!

  24. What an amusing post. How do you think up all this stuff? ALways love reading your blog, so hope you come back soon.


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