You just never know when I am going to pop up do you?
2008. It had some high highs and some really low lows. It was not a year without waves. There were some funky butt clowns that drove their nasty little clown car right up on my lawn. However, it was MY LAWN. I shooed them right on off. There were also some new ladies that entered into the kingdom and I felt like I had known them all of my life. All in was a good year.

I learned that some people are just wonderful people. Good honest down to earth people. Does not matter that you have never seen them face to face...or even heard their voices. They are just solid.

I also learned that people can say they are one thing but show you they are another. I was talking to Rachel about this the other day. I told her that that one of my new pet peeves was that little Bible verse that some bloggers put at the top of their blogs. There was a blog that I used to read long ago that did that. Then, the blogger spent her time backbiting and running people down. Rachel said it is sort of like having a fish sticker on the back of your car and flipping people off.

So, if you are going to fly the flag, make sure you are good enough to fly it.

I learned that you can have a dream for years and then get it and wonder *what in the world am I doing???* I am totally in love with my home. This was our first Christmas in it and it just felt right. My mom and babygator came a few weeks ago and we did some more to the house. Babygator got my craft room painted and it is coming together. I did not realize how much I was missing creating but I have been spending more and more time in there. I am just pulled in. Molly has a chair in front of the window that she sits on while I am in there. Gingerbean sits under the table at my feet. And it is all good.

This was the first year that I have ever deleted a comment and a blogger because of their being hateful and rude. I feel that I am an open tolerant person but I draw the line at some things and it is MY house to draw the line in.

I have learned that people are who they say that they are. You just need to listen.

This was the first year that I have really seriously thought about closing my blog. I have thought long and hard about it for the last two months. Babygator and I were attacked on a blog. That same blog use a thankfulness list to attack me and hurt my daughter. She was attacked because that person was jealous of the relationship that my daughter and I have. One that she cannot understand. It made me stand back and examine a lot of things. Especially my thankfulness list. I think that is something that should NEVER be used for underhanded...snide...EVIL. That is why I have found it hard to blog.

There has just been so much negativity lately. In midget clown bloggers, in some of the blogging world, at work. I an tired of all of the negative energy. I am even more tired of being a part of it.

Midget clowns can bite me.

Cause I have decided to bite back.

I am ready to reclaim my joy. ~leaps around brandishing her SWORD Impishness~

Today I am thankful for:

1) My children and my relationship with them. Love them but they are weird...bless their little hearts.

2) My parents. I came from a wonderful home and would not be who I am today without them. I am so glad that I was raised in a stable family environment. I am not saying that we are normal but we are stable. Oh hell we're just weird.

3) My job. I love my job and am blessed to be at a job where we do get along. We have our differences but we work so well together. OMG...they are all weird too! I am beginning to see a pattern!

4) My home. My home. Did I say MY HOME? Readers you do not understand what achieving that dream has meant to me. What ever am I going to dream for next?

5) My CRV. My sweet ride gets me too and from and I just love her.

6) Molly Meow. My sweet kitty that loves my electric blanket a bit more than she loves me.

7) Gingerbean. The corgi I never ever thought that I could have.

8) Bloggers who do have the Bible Verses on their blog and Christians that do have the fish sticker and live their good faith every day for the whole world to see.

9) Sweet gentle words

10) Money in the bank

11) A warm bed

13) unanswered prayers
14) My sewing machine

15) Wristlets! Where have these sweet things been all of my life?!?!?! I am still carrying my Santa Claus one.

16) Affordable gas

18) And YOU

Okay...your turn! Who wants a Sword?? my clown stomping boots on


  1. I am glad you are blogging back. I love you and your fambly.

    And - I TAGGED YOU. SO there and ha. You are IT. Photo tag. It's fun..

    Happy New Year and I am really REALLY glad you are back!

  2. I'm soo glad that you're back! I missed you!

    Love your thankfulness list. And sorry about all of the blogging meh.

    I have a Bible verse on my blog. I pray that I live up to it.

    Happy New Year!

  3. As long as the clown car doesn't have Shirley Temple in it I'm cool.

    Love you, love your blog. Glad you are back.

    Peace and love,

  4. I swear, I was just thinking the other day about how much I missed you and if you were ever coming back. God answers prayer, y'all! Mindy is back!

    I cannot believe some tiny, little, small-minded, mental-midget dissed you and the Gator. Where is the TTOJ when we need it? Isn't it parked in Rach's driveway?

    I want pictures, more pictures of your house!!!

    Have a wonderful 2009. Love you, mean it.

  5. Deb...I will be there in a sec!

    Rev Kim...please know I did not mean that as a diss.

    God are afraid of Shirley Temple??

    Cheese..the TTOJ was getting an oil change and its tires rotated that day.

  6. Mindy, I didn't take it as a diss at all! Answering what you asked on my blog, what you wrote makes sense. It reminded me that if I'm going to have "I lift up my eyes to the hills..." on my blog, I ought to remember to actually do that, and that my help does actually come from God.

    Anyway, again, I'm soo glad that you're back. I hope you decide to keep blogging...there are so many of us who love you and who want to hear your thoughts. I don't understand those who will be critical of someone else's blog on that person's blog. It's pretty easy. It's like t.v. If you don't like what someone has at say, you don't have to read their blog. There is no reason to be mean about it.

  7. I am so glad that it came across that way Kim. Thanks.

    And no one is going to stop me from blogging now.

  8. I'm here for the Sword Brandishing. Is this the right place?

    You're cracking me up with the Clown Stomping Boots. I need me a pair of them. We could leave little grease paint footprints on the carpet with a pair of those boots! ha ha!

  9. You are at the right place your own sword?

    And I LOVE that mental image!!

  10. Stomp them clowns! They deserve it!

    I had a little nutty the day that some strange super-conservative CATHOLIC dude attacked me on my blog, too. He and his friends. Can't figure out why they went out of their way to bash, but hey. I banned them. Still stings, doesn't it?

    Of all the bloggers I know, I would LOVE to go dancing with you. Srly.

  11. RM...let's Dance!! I may have to lead so that my sword does not get in the way.

  12. Brandish that sword, friend. I'm glad you're back.

  13. Zorra...I have not one doubt that you do. Thank you.

  14. Missed you! Love you!

  15. Hey girl! I'm always so happy when you do post. I've not been a good blogger or a good commenter for several months, but I still love my bloggie friends - and am happy that you're one of them! Happy New Year!

  16. re: Shirley Temple

    Like I've told you before, there is something not right about that girl.

    Peace and love this new year!

  17. I am thankful that I don't have a Bible verse on my blog. I like weird and strange verses anyway so everyone would just wonder even more about my strangeness.

    I am also glad you are back because I have missed your peppy little self. I am also glad that I got some Gingerbean fix. I was missing that little cutie.

    I hope that you also have the most fabulous 2009 and if anyone needs stomping - you send them my way. I'll kick 'em where it hurts and keep you out of trouble.

  18. Man, I am glad you are back! I was missing you!

    And I am even gladder that I took my Bible verse off my profile today (or was it yesterday?)! :)

    And (this is really scary!) I must be "channeling" you because yesterday I saw the cutest pair of boots with a nice little pointy heel and I almost wanted those things, but they were not my size. I could have helped you stomp holes in little clowns if had them!

    Seriously, Mindy, I am very sorry that someone almost messed up your blogging joy. I don't know why some people want to do stuff like that.

    Happy New Year!!

  19. MINDY! I have been so lost without you, girl! I was delighted to find that you had posted, so my fingers literally ran to the link and clicked you!

    I love the analogy of fish on cars and birds flying out of the car's windows. It must make Jesus sad to see the hypocritical behavior of his people...rather than flipping birds, we should be flashing the peace sign.

    So just remember, dear friend, that your thoughts and words bring joy into our lives. We all missed your humor, I truly felt a void. And how happy we all are that you're back! Even my MacGyver loves to read you over my shoulder.

    Put on your armour and fight the good fight, run the race and finish with humor and grace. We're all here, cheering you on. I'll take a sword...I'll probably trip and fall on it, thus securing an untimely end, but what the heck?!

    Happy New Year's to Mindy and all her loyal subjects!

    God bless the Princess!

  20. My goodness, and me with time on my hands and you didn't even let me know. I could have just brought over my seltzer bottle filled with holy water blessed by the Real Live Preacher and "Spritttzzzzz". No more clownin'. Welcome back to the ass-kickin' section of the Internets.

  21. Oh Mindy - I'm sorry you had horriblness to deal with in the blogosphere but I'm so pleased you haven't let it defeat you.
    Looking forward to lots of Mindy posts in 2009 - and Libby says Happy New Year to Gingerbean, and does she realise that they are both now hugely grown up because they were born LAST year?!
    Hugs x

  22. Yippee!!!! I'm glad you're back on the wagon ... or is it off the wagon ... whereever we are I am glad there will be some Mindyisms in 2009! Wishing you a happy clown free 2009!

  23. I am ready to reclaim my joy.

    This was the best news I could have hoped for.

    Love your thankfulness
    Love you
    and am thankful for you - for your relationship with your kids - and with us friends across the miles.

    Mindy, you rock and I'm glad to know you.

    Blessings in abundance for 2009!

  24. TTOJ was getting an oil change and its tires rotated that day.


    and a suped up engine... yippee we're on the road again :)

  25. Got to join the chorus of thankfulness that you are back! You're one of my faves. Thanks for the reminder about the Bible verse on the blog, too.

    Happy Happy New Year Miss Mindy!

  26. I have missed you too Mary Beth. Dammit girl...this is the year that we are going to meet!

    Me too Preacher Mom. I have been a lousy commenter lately but I am working on getting better at it.

    Dijea...if we were in a fight in a dark alley, I would want you on my side. Wanna see more pics of the baby?

    Annie you and I in boots would be dangerous!!

  27. Wonderful...I will make sure your sword is rounded at the tip like safety scissors. *snorts*

    Thank you for yours words. They mean so very much to me.

    Cynthia....I am so putting you and your bottle on speed dial! Holy water!! LMAO

    Kathryn..thank you so much!! The babies WERE born last year huh???

    Libby...GB says *WOOf*

  28. Lorna, you know that I love you girl. I am so very thankful for you.

    Adrienne...Mindyisms...I like that. However, I just like to hear myself talk.

    QG *grins* I am one of your favs??? Thank you!

  29. Shoot, I am always late to the party. Happy new year beautiful. I too don't know what I would do without you - out here. I love you friend, and am glad you love me, even or especially when I don't have any clever things to say about clowns or spitting or boots.

  30. I just love *you*... but you know that already.

  31. Swan swan swan...I love and adore you.

    And flutter...I totally know and back at ya.

  32. It was a year of ups and downs. But we made it through, and we are stronger now that we have ever been!

    I love you so much, and no one, NO ONE will ever be able to take away what we have. I am going to blog here in a little while, I have been thinking about it all day. I think it will be a good one.

    As for our family...normal and we are not, but stable yes we are.

    I am so excited about this year. It's the year of the Gator's and we are going to live it up!!!

  33. And when we get ready to stomp on the greasy little clowns just let me know and I will bring the little green clean machine. You know how I don't like spots on the carpet.

  34. And when we get ready to stomp on the greasy little clowns just let me know and I will bring the little green clean machine. You know how I don't like spots on the carpet.

  35. I did some sword-brandishing of my own today... Partly to keep the midget clowns at bay. For some reason, they moved to Maryland. Where can I send them? Because they are beginning to royally piss me off.


    P.S. LOL!!!! My word verification is "ouchies"!!!

  36. Heavens to Betsy...I say to the little clowns, "pi$$ on'em."

    Yeah, and sigm me up for a sword.

    Watch out, world.

  37. Yay!! Mindy's back!! What a great way to start the year.

    Sorry about the trolls who spoke badly of you and your daughter. It's your blog, your content. That's important to remember. I had to put comment moderation on my blog this past year too - didn't want to, but I was being annoyed by someone who just wasn't playing nicely with me or with others.

    I hear ya on the thankfulness for a New! Home! WooHoo!

    Looks like Gingerbean had a lot of Christmas and needs a nap. I love me some Gingerbean - please keep posting pics.

  38. Late to the party, as usual... but I missed you, Mindy! If you get to town to meet Mary Beth this year, maybe I can head up I-35 for it, too!

  39. Love you, Mindy-
    Don't let the turkeys get you down!

  40. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Dang Girl! I'm number 40 on your boggler's!!
    I'm very thankful to have you as a part of my life, and I'm very thankful that you are biting back!!

    Love ya!!

  41. Mindy - Can't say it enough. Glad you are back and feeling strong. I have never understood people who aren't close with their family, and I am sure they don't understand my family. Because we are super close, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I've missed you. Don't let the one get you down, because the many love you very much! BTW, I was glad your last post was the one about the pies. I laughed every time I came over to see if you had updated, even though my blog list said no. Happy 2009!

  42. Anonymous11:59 AM

    in the last pic, you look like hulk hogan about to choke out molly......haha

  43. Glad you are back. You've been sorely missed as many others have said. Thanks for being who you are and brightening many people's days.

  44. we get swords??? too cool... but considering i just sliced open my fingertip as i reached into my suitcase (on a razor blade.. cuz i put the razor in the little holder thingy upside down) ... ouch!

    i might need some supervision.

    welcome back. missed your humor! and mocha java missed staring at ginerbean...

  45. When I read that you'd thought long & hard about not blogging...I thought "NOOOOOOO!!!"
    I'll say "my friend Mindy or my friend Kate" & Doug says "who?" & I say "blog friend." :-) Plus, we are corgi mama sisters. So, hang in there.
    I quit reading a woman's blog who used to be fat and then she got thin & then she said something hateful about other fat women. Not cool. so...our words are a powerful sword. I know I love brandishing mine!
    my children used to go to this gifted & talented school and I couldn't help but notice how all of the other parents were weird...& I would always say I was the only "normal" parent @ the school & my kids would say "no Mom, you are weird, too."
    sigh. kisses, Cheryl in IN.


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