Monday, December 31, 2007


2007 has been a good year. There are some years that I cannot wait to tear the December page off and run smack dab into another year. This one is just going out sort of gently for me and that it alright. The last 2 months have been a sort of fog for me. Driving home yesterday, it occurred to me that it felt as thought I have been living the Lost In Space TV show from the 1960's. Where they were just bouncing from planet to planet since they had been thrown off course by the pesky Dr. Smith. They keep trying to get to where they need to get to but keep finding themselves in odd places with even odder people. Yet, no one ever breaks down crying because they are lost. (They never DID make it back to Earth because the show was cancelled in it's 3rd season). No one kills Dr. Smith or leaves him on one of those weird planets so that fate can deal with him. They all just sucked it up and carried on....usually having a good time as long as they are all together.

That is the best way I can describe my last 2 months. There has been no *DANGER WILL ROBINSON* shouted out by the robot. Nothing bad at all....just floating around and bumping into things here and there. Landing on this for a few moments and then gravitating over to that. That is why I have not been around much. Just space.....

2007 saw Babygator's heart get totally broken in two. Then mended again by Biker out of the blue. He is also a very good friend to Bebo.
It was the first time that I pulled a blog entry after I hurt a friend. It was about Thanksgiving shopping. What a stupid thing for me to get cross wise with anyone about!
I won my beloved camera and several other things. I love taking pictures!!

It saw a meet-up with flutterby and her crazy wonderful family.

It brought that wonderful little fiberglass calf and Tarzan into my life.

2007 saw Bebo get a letter jacket (no pic of that just yet) and my first real glimpse of him being a grown up.

In 2007, we are healthy, happy and a tinsy bit insane...and it's all good.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I told you that you needed to look fast!! It was making me nuts.

The tail stayed. Not getting rid of it....

Photos courtsey of Bebo.

Friday, December 07, 2007


It is going to be a good day. This was what I saw when I walked out of my house this morning. We also have cold weather coming and that makes me so happy!!

This is a new ornament that I have made for my Christmas tree. I have several of these new ornaments on my tree and I really like how they turned out.

My daddy cut out the stars and the snowmen. My mom and I painted all of them. I have recycled the part of the ornament that is now silver. It was not silver before I painted it with wonderfully fun silver glitter paint.

The first person to be able to correctly tell me what the base of the ornament (the recycled part) was in a previous life will win a covered notebook made my me. Put on your thinking caps!! If I have already TOLD you what it was...then you cannot play but PLEASE leave me comments. I feel the need for lots of comments today!! Is that pitiful or what???

HINT #1 It is glass.

HINT #2 A product was in it and then used up.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

2 Beautiful Ladies

Go see what Deb did for me. Please take the time to leave her a comment. She was so sweet to even think of me on her trip!!

Monday, December 03, 2007


~in that annoying announcers voice~

Monday Monday Monday !!!!! Have I got some deals for you! It is a give away and it is all FREE! (one of my favorite words!) No limits! First Come First Served!! I will provide postage and all lurkers are welcome!! You do NOT have to live in the US to play! If you want an item , you MUST leave a comment. I will keep the tally updated at what all is still available. You may choose more than 1 item. You are responsible for telling me the number of items that you want. If you want 2 of the coupons then SAY you want 2! Everything will be mailed out no later than tomorrow.

The following is up for grabs

1. 5 $1.00 off coupons for any Pledge Multi Surface products. Coupons expire 1/3/08

2. 1 coupon for a FREE SoyJoy bar!! Coupon expires 12/31/07

Sorry! Claimed by Deb! 3. iTunes/Starbucks Free download Keith Urban's *I Told You So* Expires 12/31/07

Sorry! Claimed by PG!!! 4. Homemade Christmas headband (made by yours truly) One side is green and the other is pinks and reds

5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Schick Intuition razors. I am sure that they are not considered *green* but that is something that I will not give up. The blades come in sweet little containers and I use them for everything. I cannot BEAR to throw those containers away.

Aren't they so sweet?!?!?!

ALL CLAIMED!! WELL! I have 40 of the empty little containers to give away!!! (PG claims 10, Cheese claims 10, Bec claim 10, Patti claims 10 so there are 0 left!!)

If you want all 40 then tell me! Otherwise I will happily break them down into groups of 10.

6. 5 (Deb and PG both claimed one so there are 2 left) $10.00 off Coupons for Philips Sonicare Flexcare, Elite or Essence Toothbrushes. Just got one through Buzz Agent and I am TOTALLY smitten with it. Coupons expire 5/31/08

7. Bath and Bodyworks FREE Signature Collection (up to an $11 value) product of your choice with a purchase of ANY product. Coupon expires 12/16/07

edited to add: All the coupons are going up for grabs on slickdeals now so they will no longer be available here!