100 Things About ~ME~

  1. I was born in 1962 at the tail end of the baby boomer generation.
  2. I am the first born in birth order.
  3. I have a BA in Criminal Justice.
  4. I went back to college in my 30's.
  5. I have a tail.
  6. I HATE raisins and raw onions.
  7. I love garage sales, ebay and thrift stores.
  8. I will spend top dollar on good books even though I am thrifty with other things.
  9. I married the same man 2 times.
  10. I have a daughter from the first marriage to that man.
  11. I have a son from the second marriage to that man.
  12. I am a divorced single parent.
  13. I finally learned not to marry the same man.
  14. I have had a lot of help in raising my children from family and friends and believe that they are very well adjusted and really good kids.
  15. My toe nails are always painted.
  16. I sing out loud to the radio in the car.
  17. I sing out loud in my office.
  18. I do not sing well.
  19. I love to win things and am very good at raffles and radio giveaways.
  20. I have learned that there is *no prestige in over paying*.
  21. I am a morning person and tend to be very perky in the mornings. A lot of people do not appreciate perky morning people.
  22. I hate it when people lie to me.
  23. I color my hair.
  24. I am a crafter but not an artist. I especially love working with beads and love to wear and give away my creations.
  25. I have been estranged from God for awhile but we are working on it. He is patient. I wandered away from Him. I have begun to really miss Him lately.
  26. I am not patient.
  27. My favorite words in the English language are *hope* and *joy*.
  28. I love to camp!
  29. I can put up my own tent.
  30. I have learned that you can start a fire with tortilla chips.
  31. I sleep on my tummy.
  32. I love to blog and should really do it more often.
  33. My favorite TV shows are CSI, Cold Case and Amazing Race.
  34. I want to be on the Amazing Race with Rachel. We would kick ass and keep our integrity.
  35. I HATE and am AFRAID of clowns. Those are two totally different emotions are both are very real and should not be confused.
  36. I believe that I am a very good Mother.
  37. I am a loyal friend and can keep a secret.
  38. I am afraid of no one ever loving me and being alone (but do not want to settle for a clown!!)
  39. I am addicted to Bath and Body Works Stores.
  40. I am an avid couponer.
  41. My middle name is after my grandfather and I love it....Ray.
  42. I love Sonic Ice and Diet Lime Coke.
  43. I say things that my mom said to me that I SWORE that I would never say.
  44. My children, especially my son, look oh so much like me.
  45. I had a scholarship to go to college right out of high school.
  46. Instead of going to college right out of high school, I got married. I though I knew everything since I had that high school diploma.
  47. I would have been a drama and speech teacher if I had gone to college then.
  48. I am a Probation Officer.
  49. I love my job.
  50. I have realized that I have so much more to learn.
  51. I have a *lion* personality and am bossy and tend to take things over but I am working on that.
  52. I have a tendency to get paranoid over stupid stuff.
  53. I collect frogs, cookie cutters, crosses and cookbooks.
  54. My biggest pet peeves are people that leave shopping carts running willy nilly in the parking lot and people who do not use their blinkers.
  55. My favorite food is a hamburger with mustard and extra pickles and cheese cake.
  56. My first car was an old neon blue Volkswagen that I got when I was 15 years old. ~sighs~ I wish that I had that car now.
  57. I do not know what the purpose is for my life yet but I know that there is a purpose and something that I am supposed to accomplish.
  58. I am a spring and fall kinda girl.
  59. If I were to get on a make-over show, I would have them change my teeth and my breast.
  60. I am afraid of the dark.
  61. My children are the most important things in the world to me.
  62. I have 6 friends that I could trust my life with. I realize that most people do not have that many true friends.
  63. I am addicted to the internet and caffeine.
  64. I love to teach.
  65. My children are 10 years apart in age.
  66. I have always lived in Texas. Born in Post Texas and it was founded by the same man that made Post Toasties....C.W. Post.
  67. I cannot swim but can do a mean dog paddle.
  68. I have never tried alcohol.
  69. I love to cook. I especially love to make bread.
  70. I have one brother that is four years younger than I am.
  71. My brother and I are not close.
  72. I have a bad habit or hoarding boxes, tins and plastic containers.
  73. The class that has helped me the most in my career was high school speech.
  74. I have to hold my breath on high weird over passes.
  75. I have 6 piercings but no tattoos.
  76. I am a Princess and have a tiara to prove it.
  77. I would not go back and re-live my life. I hate some of the things I have done or been through but think that they have made me who I am today.
  78. I like who I am.
  79. I am insecure.
  80. I was with my grandmother when she died. It was awesome and peaceful at the same time.
  81. I am not afraid of dying. I just do not want to die violently.
  82. I love baths and want bubbles or milk bath in there with me.
  83. I have a silver charm bracelet that I love and add charms to.
  84. One of my treasured possession is a letter that my daddy wrote to his aunt a few days after I was born. He tells her all about me in that letter.
  85. I love to go barefooted or wear my houseshoes. In fact, there are a pair of my pink *Princess* house shoes under my desk at this moment.
  86. I could never be a vergetarian because I LOVE meat.
  87. I keep play dough in my desk and I love to huff it.
  88. My favorite books are *A Prayer for Own Meany* and *The Red Tent*.
  89. I think that I am entering a spiritual cleansing portion of my life and I am finally ready for it.
  90. I have only been out of the Country once and that was to Mexico for the day. I was 13.
  91. I LOVE watching hockey.
  92. I have never met a celebrity. I have met Phyllis George's dad in the hardware section of K-Mart in Denton Texas.
  93. I own and know how to shoot a gun.
  94. I cannot work the cable TV box but my 11 year old can.
  95. I dream in color and usually remember my dreams.
  96. I get upset when other people are disappointed in me. I do not know how to get over that.
  97. I am right handed.
  98. I talk to myself outloud. A lot.
  99. I love to talk.
  100. My earliest memory is at age 3 1/2. I was in my front yard and blowing bubbles when my daddy came home from work. He told me then that he has seen those bubbles float across the sky at work. His work was at least 1 mile away. I was in my teens when I remembered that memory and realized that he did not really see the bubbles. It is a very sweet memory to me.


  1. That was really good! I learned some things (good things) I did not know.

    Can I huff your playdoh?

  2. You can huff my play dough if you will finally apply to the Amazing Race with me.

  3. Amazing work, and I found it even without a link. I am impressed with your openness and honesty. Amazingly I found 25 things we have in common and that many completely opposite. Interesting.

  4. Guess what Princess of Everything?
    If you do a Goggle search for Princess of Everything---you are listed number #1. I never knew anyone of such "status". It is like knowing Royalty right along with Princess Diana! Now you can list 101 things about yourself.

  5. I love Sonic ice, too. It's the best ice anywhere. And you like Diet Coke with Lime, too? It's the best! If you take a cup of Sonic ice home then add a can of Diet Coke Lime to the ice, it's perfect. I'll make you one when you come over, ok?

  6. Great list.
    I agree about the raisins and onions. Raisins and brocolli are much better =o)


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