Sunday, November 28, 2004

More Joan of Arcadia

I am not really sure why this speaks so much to me. This is Grace's poem that she wrote and threw away. Joan later found it and wanted to publish it in the year book but Grace would not let her. So, instead, Joan and Adam make copies of the poem and throw the copies off of the school roof to the students below. Joan knew that Grace's words were important and needed a voice. I think that the poem sums up lost people or relationships in our own lives. People that we no longer make contact with, either by choice or by barriers or because we are just too damned busy with things that are really not that damned important.

Sewer Walking

You and me,
we used to talk
Like a river underground,
the sewer where we used to walk.
The hole at the end empties out to the pier
Where paperboats disappear
Me, I try to send this note,
Float it like a paper boat,
But paper sinks
and words are weak.
I try but I don't speak
Join together in the silent snow
Turn our faces up to see
Not endless night,
but day
A pier
And you and me,

Friday, November 26, 2004

God and Joan

*Religion is just a bunch of different ways for people to come to one truth.*

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I will miss Spring. Posted by Hello

FYI---Warning about Cheetos

There are some things that the big companies do not tell you. Cigarette companies must have warnings on all of their packaging. Cleaning supplies have to list warnings for dangerous contents and the poison control phone number. And yet, the Frito Lay Company does not have to list a warning label on the sides of their Flaming Hot Cheetos with Limon!! (Though let me interject at this point about how damned good those Cheetos are). These are very addicting. How unfair on them!! What a disservice to mankind. The warning label would read as such: Consuming an entire 99 cent bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos with Limon will...We repeat WILL cause you to poop flaming red. DO NOT BE ALARMED. You are not bleeding internally though it will appear as if you are. You are not in need of immediate medical attention.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Pancakes by Princess Posted by Hello

Baby Gators and Graduate School

Once upon a time, 22 years ago, a baby gator was born. She was a beautiful baby gator and she was adored by her mama gator. She was the prettiest blue eyed gator that was ever born. Her mama loved her very much and believed that the sun rose and set on this baby gator. The mama gator was very new at this mothering thing and she raised the little baby gator through a lot of trial and error. It is safe to say that the mama gator and the baby gator grew up together. The mama gator drug the poor baby gator through swamps and dark places before the mama gator got herself together. Later, the mama gator regretted all of the places that the poor sweet baby gator had been with her but there was nothing that she could do at that point. Instead, the mama gator picked herself up (with the help of other loving gators in her life), dusted herself off and went to college. She even drug that baby gator to college with her!! The baby was then 13 years old and she loved roaming the college campus and waiting for her mama to get out of class. The baby grows and becomes more beautiful with each passing day. She is a very confidant baby gator!! This baby is kind and good and believes in people. But, if you cross this baby gator wrong....she will SNAP! She is a high strung little gator! The baby grows and grows and, before her mama can blink, the baby gator has gone off to college herself. She loves college!! She makes many friends and spreads her baby gator wings. She is a very trusted friend and even her professors see a unique quality in this speacial little gator. The little gator works hard and makes her own way in school. She goes to school full time, holds down several jobs and even cleans houses in order to support herself. She graduates from college in a month that is festive and snow filled. A special time of the year made even more special with this land mark in her life. And then, the baby gator does it! She goes and gets accepted into graduate school! This little gator has come so far in her life and there is no stopping her. The mama gator is so proud of her baby and sometimes a little sad. The baby gator is a smart gator and is accomplishing all that her mama once wanted to do. The mama's choices tied her close to the earth. So the mama knew, when the time came, she would make sure that there were no ribbons or strings tethering her baby gator to the earth. She let her soar to the heavens. A piece of the mama's heart flies with the baby and she is content.