Remember this 50 cent wreath? This turned into......This! I used ribbon that I already had. My mom bought me the letter M at a thrift store.
Close up....not too bad for a 50 cents wreath!
These were my 25 cents a piece bottles. I did not wash them because I liked how they looked.
I added some velum paper, ribbon and some bling and THIS is what I ended up with! Again, I already had all of the stuff that I added. I did not go out and buy anything.
Close up of the bottle....

This was a frame that I have had for awhile. It has been just stuck up in a closet. I painted the mat red and then used some Harley vellum paper that I had bought about 2 years ago when I made Biker a clock. So nothing extra was bought for this project.
TA DA! Bebo Bond's new Harley picture to hang in his room.
I also recovered my mouse pad for my office. I was tired of it looking dingy and I wanted something bright and fun. I had this fabric in my stash! See the ultra cool pen? That was my Christmas present from Rachel and I LOVE it! It is re-purposed from an old sterling silver knife. It is really heavy and just feels right sitting in your hand.

Last but not least! I am the captain of our weight loss team here at work. I try to make little things for them each week so that they stay encouraged. This is what I made this week. I found the salad dressing on clearance and just added a tag from my paper and ribbon stash.

I crack me up! *snickers*

I am ready for garage sales tomorrow! Come go with me!
.....ppppsssstttt....I always wonder if people read all the way to the end. Let's just see! I am going to give one bottle to the first 3 commenter's that say something about them. Good Luck! (this does not include you babygator!) So the first three people that ask for one will get one!


  1. I read to the end, I want meh prize.

    Love and peace,

  2. God Guurrlll is such a show off. Dang it.

  3. Ooh, nice re-dos! I miss garage sales. I hope you get a nice stash tomorrow!

  4. Damn, I'm #6. I always get screwed. And Mindy - I always read the bottom comments - that's sometime the best part.

  5. Dijea...if you want one then you would be #2.

  6. are too clever! And YES...I read the enitire thing!

    I love the way your bottles turned out. Did you stick the vellum to the outside of the bottles, or did you stick it down inside?

  7. Only one person has asked for a bottle. There are still 2 up for grabs!

  8. Oh that's what the twitter was about. I still want one!
    But... but... the salad spritzer thing.. um....

  9. You suck. I always read the end, and I don't get to play? What the hell? Strangers get to play, but not your own daughter. That's, no...that's cool.

  10. Mindy, you are a star & I love what you've done with your transformed junk...but much though I'd love to have one, I don't think getting a bottle across the Pond is altogether practical.
    But never let it be said that I don't read to the very end :-)

  11. BabyG *I* will make you the most gorgeous fantastical bottle ever made. And you know your mom only put paper on them because she didn't want to wash them. If she thought they looked so cool unwashed then she wouldn't have covered it all up. *snickersnort*

  12. You crack me up too Princess! And I love what you've done with your finds. Very cool!

  13. Hey! I think you have a bottle left!!! I want it I want it!!!

    I'll send you my new address via e-mail.

    You rock with recycling. When you come visit out here we will do some garage sales ( hinthinthinthint)

    WV is: prose......just like we write.....haha

  14. Yeah, thanks for backing me up Flutter!

    Lol, my WV was rehuff.

  15. How creative! It's such a good feeling when you use what you have instead of buying more of what you don't need!

  16. THAT'S what you had planned for the weekend! Very pretty bottles! I love it all. You make me want to get crafty!

  17. Hey Mindy Girl,

    I hope you had a successful garage sale adventure (no such luck in Tennessee - just more rain until late afternoon on Saturday) & an extraordinary Mother's Day!

    :( I do read every last word - just not as quick as others apparently!

  18. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It does make me feel better to know that the egg was never fertilized! That was the first time that ever happened and the far!

  19. I'm having a Giveaway - woo hoo!!

    Come see, and bring your friends

  20. I know I'm too late...just wanted to show I Do read to the end!

  21. Awww, rats! Too late! I always read the end, too. You are so talented!

  22. Hello Mindy! So nice to meet you!!! And I had to tell you I read to the end!!!
    (I know you've already given them away! I just wanted you to know :)
    Love your blog!!!
    All Things Heart and Home

  23. OK, so the vellum is on the inside. Dumb non-crafty person wants to know:

    How do you get the paper in without crinkling it?
    How does it say open once it is in there?
    What kind of glue do you use to stick things on the outside of a bottle so that they don't fall off??

    And why do I always miss the give-away days when I have papers to write. That sucks.

    who also loves those salad sprayer things. I use the "raspberry" one all the time!

    P.S. Word verification... "ounce"

  24. Ha ha, I read to the end but apparently many days too late. I love garage sales, flea markets, yard sales, etc. It's amazing what imagination and some manual labor can do.


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