Thursday, February 13, 2014


 For several years I have hosted Pantipalooza.  My friends and I set aside Valentine's Day to do for people that were down on their luck or hurting. I always focused on my local Women's Crisis Center.  Through out the year I would buy panties and things to just make life easier for women.

Then last year I just stopped.  So many of you were good and continued doing what you had been doing. But I didn't.

I am not sure why I stopped.  Life got busy?  I did not have time?  Stress?

Maybe I forgot.  Lord help me...I forgot how it feels to be on the opposite end of things. 

Valentines Day is a difficult day for a whole lot of and women alike.  My brother *affectionately*  calls it Single Awareness Day.  People are going through things that are hard for us to even imagine.  Some are just lonely.  Most times we do not even know who those people are. We all are good at wearing our masks.
So, even though I have dropped the ball two years in a row now, I am going to issue you a challenge  I am going to ask you  I am going to guilt you into   I am going to DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to use Valentine's day to use your powers for good.

I ask you to do something...anything...for someone or some agency on Valentine's day.  A simple or a complex act of kindness.  Diapers for a local agency *waves at Claire and her generous yearly donation of "tiny panties"*, paying for an order in the drive through, a gift card left where someone can find it, flowers, candy, a Valentine card,  a phone call or a text.  I promise you that nothing you will do will be too small.

and then when you do that, can you do one more tiny thing for me?  Post what you did on my page.  I will be so grateful.

 ....who is excited to welcome in new Royalty into the Kingdom of Pantilona....a most wonderful place where everyone wears their rocketship underpants.  It's right next door to Wonka's place.