Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Tilt of the World

Some days are just perfect. You get up without hitting the snooze 4 times. You step into the closet and see the outfit that you are happy to wear and do not change your clothes 5 times. Your hair does just perfect with a bit of spritz and hair spray. The ebay items you have up for auction all have bids. Baby Be Bo gets up with a smile on his face and actually brushes his teeth and puts on deodorant without being told. The sun is shinning the birds are chirping....all is right with the world. Then you drive up to the fricken Sonic and it is not open even though it opens at 7:30am and it is already 7:45am it is STILL. NOT. OPEN. IS THERE SOME SORT OF SONIC HOLIDAY THAT I WAS NOT AWARE OF??

Friday, January 07, 2005

Murder 101

If I am ever found murdered in my car and CSI is called in, they will know immediately that I was killed by someone working at the Sonic by the amount of empty Sonic straw wrappers all over the floorboard of my car.