Trip My Trigger

LOL Is that saying a Southern thing or are part of my readers thinking....WTH.....trip my trigger?!?!

~Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys. ~Rita Schiano

Now that I got the crappy attitude/hate blog post out of the way...what do you say let's talk about things that make Mindy happy.  Cause I know you have all been so worried about my pity party attitude.  LOL  Regardless of what you might think *grins* making me happy is really not hard to do. Well....that depends on who you ask I guess but DAMMIT don't listen to them!  Seriously, I am working on walking in gratitude and finding the little things in my life that make it sweet. 

1. Rohto eye drops.  LOVE these!!  The Arctic ones are my absolute favorite. They are a little more expensive but I really do like them.  LOL If I will go against my thrifty nature to buy more expensive eye drops, you know they must be good.   Go read the comments on Amazon.  You will think me for that later.
2.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kan Del's here in Plainview.  Their warmers and wax chunks are da bomb.  My favorite scents are birthday cake, red velvet cake or amaretto.  If I have one on when the grandsdudes come in they always ask what I am cooking for them. The man who works there pouring the candles and chucks always smell ssssoooo good.  I think his life must be like one of those old Hi Karate commercials where the good smelling man is always having to fight women off.  But Michael would be all nice and polite about it.
3.  Randomness.  I am a really random person and can find humor is a lot of bizarre things and places.  I have no idea how long this tiny hot rod had been mingling in amongst my table setting.  I am not a big fan of dusting and the dudes have not been here recently so,  it might have been there for awhile.
4. Tide with Febreze.  Now I do not buy anything else.  I LOVE how this smells!
5.  My friend Ginny's lip balm and her super salve.  LOVE how this stuff smells and it works SO GOOD!  I use the lip balm every night before I go to sleep.  Camille has even stolen one of them!!  I also use the super salve on anything and I love the way it works and smells.  You can order it HERE.  Please tell her I sent ya!

6.  My cats.  Love these mischievous bundles of black fur.  I had the cabinets off painting when they got up on top of the fridge and claimed that domain as their own.  (Molly is the one laying down.  Diesel is the on that is saying *On hell no!  Not getting down.*

7.  My Yellow Box sandals.  These are my very first pair and I still love them even though they are worn out.  If you would have ever told me that I would spend $**.** on a pair of sandals, I would have told you that you were bat shit crazy.
8.  This stuff is amazing!  Extra Fancy Chicken Rub.  I use it on my chicken all the time.  It is amazing when I put it on my chicken and cook it in the microwave with my Pampered Chef Stoneware.  OMG just like rotisserie chicken but a lot cheaper and fresher.   I am not sure why it is called EXTRA FANCY because there is no other option.  LOL   It's not like I have to choose between the regular fancy or the extra fancy.
9. My Droid Razr Maxx.  Love how it works.  Love text.  You know my know what to do.
 10.  Bath and Body Works.  Good thing I don't work there, I would never have a pay check.  I am addicted to the Mentha Lip Shine and have it everywhere.  I even wear it over my lipstick!
 11.  Fabric.  Fabric.  FABRIC. 
 12.  Sharpies.  If you do not like Sharpies, there is no place in my life for you.  Seriously, what is wrong with you you Sharpie Hater?!?!?!  What has a Sharpie ever done to you? ~breathes deeply to regain some sort of control~  I am keeping my eye on you.
13.  My sewing machine.  I am not great at sewing but it makes me happy!  I have told y'all before that the whole experience is kinda like magic to me.  I am always shocked and amazed when something comes together!

This is just a little list on the small things that bring me joy and make me happy.  I have put together a swag bag of a few of my favorite things to share with you.  All you have to do is leave a comment here or on facebook telling me what THING, THINGS or PRODUCTS that make you happy and why.  What can you not live without?  Tell me all about it and you could win the Mindy Swag Bag valued at $1,000,000,000!  or a little over $20 depending on how the economy is that day.  (WOW!  I can hear you ooohhhhhing and aaawwwiinnnggg all the way over here!) I will mail the swag bag and the promised snail mail out by the end of this week.  There are only 2 rules....1) you must leave a comment and 2) It CANNOT be a person, feeling or animals....must be a THING or PRODUCT and why you like it. 

I have not been compensated by any product or item featured on this blog post today.  All opinions expressed are my own and I have purchased all items myself.  Though I can totally be bought and kept.  Come on Sharpie!  I could totally be a kick ass rep!


  1. Hey Mindy!
    I swear we are kin. We have to be on some level. I'm not able to enjoy the perfume-y things (because of allergies) but I love what you picked.

    Here's two things from my list of faves and loves:

    - Price's pimento cheese spread. Not that stuff with jalapenos in it (ew blick) but the chunky, cheesey stuff that schmears so nicely on a bagel or sandwich. It's a hold-over from my childhood in South Carolina where we would trade lunches... I would give my friend the pork and greens with jello on the side, and she would give me her pimento cheese sandwich (on white bread lol), pecan sandies and an apple. We were both deliriously happy.

    - Trader Joe's Cookie Butter - the chunky variety. I swear it's love-handles crack on a spoon. I know that going to a Trader Joe's is on your bucket list, so you'll just have to come to DC and I'll take you to ours (actually, there's TWO within an easy drive!)


  2. I recently learned that I love me some watercolor pencils. Yessirreebob. And sharpies. And basically any sort of art supplies. And sketchbooks. many things!!

    Glad you are back on the gratitude track!

  3. This better work this time...
    I love the ocean, the warm salty clear calm of the water. I love all the treasures I find, the shells, sea glass, teeth. It is my quiet space.. I could not survive without it.
    I love Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner. Used it since forever, more like a gloss and there are tubes in all the important places, car, bathroom and purse.
    I love Moleskine.. notebooks, pads, you name it, I love it. The only paper I will really use. I write a lot and will only write on these. Love.
    I love my iPods. Plural.. I have three and almost ready for number for, I love music and thus the ipods make it possible to have music at anytime, anywhere. Music is a joy and a comfort. And a good dose of crazy too! Lord knows I love crazy.
    I love coffee.. and I can drink it all day and night and still sleep and love my Keurig. I am picky about the coffee I like. Caribou Columbian and Peets Cafe Domingo top the list.
    I love my bed... yup that's right.. and I'm not ashamed to say it. I love my bed. It's so dang comfortable and cozy and perfect for me, and I share it with no one, and so I can totally hog the whole bed. And I do.
    Bach's Rescue RemedyCream and Ginny's Salve. I use The rescue remedy cream on my face as a moisturizer. And it's the best and no smell. Ginny's salve I use for anything that ails me... it's the best.
    I think that's it... there are so many things I could add..but these pretty much top the list. or maybe just the tip of the iceberg.
    Either way, I'm loving them...

  4. A couple of weeks ago, I was in Target looking for something else, and I bought a bottle of Burt's Bee's Lemon and Vitamin E Oil. I've been using it after the shower on everything that's stretching and itchy, and IT'S SO GREAT. It makes my skin really soft, and the citrus scent definitely staves off soul scurvy.

    I love paper and ink-- when I'm being crazy indulgent, I especially love Rhodia paper (the dot grid is so cool), and Pilot Iroshizuku ink.

    Of course I love fabric. For the first time ever, in our new place, I have a SEWING NOOK, and my fabric is out on a book shelf, and I can look at it whenever I want. Crazy.

    Um... I also love cured meats and soft cheeses. I want to meet this kid, but I REALLY want to eat an Italian sub.

    This was fun-- thanks, Mindy!

  5. I LOVE my Keurig coffee machine. I used to think they were stupid, then I went to Collegeville and got to use one every day. It makes perfect coffee, every time, one cup at a time. And I'm sorry for the baby seals I'm killing by throwing away a little plastic pod every morning, but DAYUM that machine makes me happy. Earlier this year, when I was driving down to IN to take care of my dad one week a month, I took the Keurig with me.

    I also love all Philosophy products, especially Amazing Grace. Some day, when I can afford them again, Imma buy all of them at once!

  6. My current two favorite skin products: coconut oil (I slather it all over my body after showering) and Alaffia Neem and Shea Butter Skin Recovery Body Lotion (wish it wasn't so hard to find locally...discovered it in Taos this summer and it is available on Amazon). Also makes me happy (especially when enjoyed with family) : a really tasty craft beer (current favorite: Founders Rubaeus).

    As far as, of course. Freedom to roam. Being outdoors in temperate weather, especially hiking!

    Ta-da! There is my contribution to the discussion. :)

  7. This is so fun!!!

    Things I cannot live without:

    Mentholatum, an addiction that has been passed on from Generation to Generation (according to my mom her grandma used it, but I don't really remember that far back). I'm really sad because they changed the bottle from that instantly recognizable green to a white pill bottle looking thing. Why do manufactures do that?

    Hungarian Sweet Paprika. I use it in almost every Hungarian recipe I make. It reminds me of my Dad's mom, and I use lots of it in cooking.

    Trader Joe's String Cheese. The best string cheese in all the land. I don't like any other kind anymore.

    My Tupperware Insulated 24 oz tumbler. They are the best at keeping stuff cold. I like them so much that I take them with me when I travel so I can make iced tea on the fly to start my day (so many places have hot tea, but good iced tea is harder to come by when you aren't in the southern half of the US)

    Phone: Specific apps include Yelp and Gas Buddy. Life changers. I feel sorry for the restaurants that can't get above a 3.5, I will hardly ever go there anymore. And gas buddy just saved me 15 cents a gallon last night.

    That's my top five, I'm sure there is more. For example, I love Sharpies, but didn't want to copy yours. People always laugh at me when I tell them I have a sharpie in my purse, but you never know when you'll need one!

  8. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Love hearing about everyone's favorite things...
    Here's my list of must haves....
    1-Burt Bees chapstick. I never leave home without, ever. It feels silky/smooth when it goes on compared to others. I love it.
    2-Sinful colors nail polish. It is newly sold at walmart (few months ago ish) and it is only $1.98 per bottle compared to 5+ for OPI at Sallys. It is just as good and last just as long with two coats.
    3-Avon long lasting liquid eyeliner. Has a great tip on it, they have a variety of colors but I just stick with black and when it goes on sale I stock up!!
    4-My Keurig machine...originally I thought it was ridiculous to pay that much money for a coffee machine but it is worth it. It is so much more than a coffee machine. Makes the best lemon tea and black tea and the swiss miss hot cocoa is dee-lish, it doesn't even compare to swiss miss out of a packet envelope. Love, love, love this machine.
    5-Kenra blow dry spray, makes my hair smell good and I'm guessing it's keeping my hair healthy from the heat. lol
    6-Lastly my favorite candy of all time, Toffifay!! It is just the right size (for the normal person....I have many at a time.) The chocolate hazelnut and chewy caramel topped with just the right amount of good milk chocolate....oh my it's heaven.
    ~Ellen B.

  9. I love Mattie, looking up at me with her pretty little almond-shaped eyes, pawing me on the leg ("Hey Mama. Hey. Hey."), grinning her toothless grin.
    I love underwear from Soma, but I can't afford very much of it, so it's good that I also love Hanes' cotton bikinis.
    I love Stubb's rub and marinades!
    And I love going to sleep. Good night, my dear.

  10. So many! You're giving me ideas, and how cool that you are inspiring today's Friday Five at RevGals!

  11. I never commented on this! I intended to! You do such a great job of listing (and knowing) your "happy things"! I always have a hard time making the list! It's not that I am not grateful, it's like I'm shy about it or something, I don't know. But you do inspire me, Mindy!


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