Thursday, June 14, 2012

One of My Addictions-Birch Box for Women

 I have had several people ask me about Birch Box after I mentioned it on the blog last week.  The my box came in the mail yesterday and I had a novel idea....I would blog about it!!! The novel part is actually doing the blog.  I tend to blog in my head all the time but it rarely gets written down. ~laffin~  Y'all have no clue how how hard it was to stop after each new discovery to take a picture.  I wanted to dive right in and pillage and plunder but I restrained myself for you. You test my self control. ~she says as she eats vanilla ice cream mixed with cinnamon~.

Sheesh...the things I do for you people.
 The pretty pink box that the loveliness comes in.  This makes me happy!  Notice how I almost forgot to take a pic?? 

We peel away the protective pink outer shell.  There is even something stamped on the inside!  Classy Birch Box...I like it.

 Ooooohhh there is the box I love.  You had me at your pink shiny logo.  The women's box lifts straight up.  The men's box pulls out.  ~snorts~  that sounded dirty.  Sorry about that.  I will blog about the men's box when it comes in later this month. 
 I open it up to revel pink tissue paper happiness and the card that explains the theme to this month's box.  June's theme is Jet Set.  The other side of the card explains in detail all of the items inside the box and what their full size prices are.
 This is where I begin to squeal.  It is like Christmas to me!!
 There is also something always wrapped up in tissue paper and a ribbon.  Kinda like you get to open one present on Christmas Eve and then you get your presents on Christmas morning.  See that stripey plastic zip top bag?  That is from Tili.  It is just a fun plastic bag to put your travel things in.  It is airport approved size wise. 
The sample in the pink box is by the company By Terry.  It is the Creme de Rose Nutri-Lift Comfort Cream.  It has rose butter in it.  It smells divine!  I hope I do not like it because the full size container is $99.  The samples are always high end stuff.  The turquoise box is a FULL size product.  It is an Eyeko Fat Eye Stick.  It is from the UK and is a shadow stick.  Value is $15.  See...I have already gotten something that is more than what I spent on my box.  A Birch Box subscription for women is $10 a month.  That includes shipping!  Plus, if I order anything that is in the box, I get free shipping on that item.  
 This was what was in the package that was tired with ribbon.  Two samples of Perfecting Foundation By Terry.  These are very generous samples and I could probably get 3 or 4 days out of each sample. Full size cost is $62.00.   The black bottle at the bottom is Joya's Ames Sceurs Parfum.  Full size value is $28.00.   It is called the scent of soul mates.  Honestly, I do not want a soul mate that smells like that.  It contains a blend of orange blossoms, smoky incense and sweet musk.  I am just not a musk girl.  I will either give this away to someone or sell it.  Yes, you heard me right....sell it.  There is a for sale site on facebook for my area.  I have had really good luck selling the samples that were just not totally me.  Again, I am usually able to recoup the cost of my box.  The sample with the silver cap is theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen. Full size value is $17.00.   It can be used as lip color and/or blush.  I am way excited to try that one!
 There was also (not pictured) a post card for Artspace.  I can use the code to join and get $25 off of my first purchase.

Not all June boxes will look like mine.  If you join Birch Box, you will fill out a questionnaire and they will tailor the box to your wants and needs.  You can go back and update your questionnaire at any time.  

I always save my boxes to re-purpose and re-use.  I have not been disappointed with a box yet!  If you would like to try Birch Box I would love to send you an invite.  Just send me your email address.  Or, you can use this link    Mindy's Birch Box Addiction.  If I invite you and you order or you join by using the link I provided, I get points that I can use to buy products.  Once you have ordered, if you do not like it you may cancel at any time.  But...I promise that you will like it!

I am not affiliated with Birch Box have not received any type or items or compensation from Birch Box for this blog post.  I love the boxes I get and I wanted to share with everyone.

But....if you are listening to me Birch Box, you can totally send me something.  ~grins~ 

 who totally had to go back and edit this blog post because I thankfully noticed that I started writing Bitch Box instead of Birch Box mid-way though the post. I would probably pay a lot more to get a Bitch Box. 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Challenge #2--9 Loves

Well I am like YEARS behind on this thing...but I am going to work on it.  Maybe it will kick start my blog.

I am going to list things and stuff....not family because you all already know that I love them. 

My nine loves:

1)  Cooking.  I love to cook.  Lately I have thought about venturing out and seeing if there are any cooking contest that I could enter.  Plus you all know I would LOVE to have a food truck.

2)  Norma Jean...the scooter.  I am so in love with her pink self.  I go to my motorcycle class this month so I can be legal to ride her!

3)  Paper.  I love and horde all sorts of paper.  If I like it, I keep it.  It can be scrap booking paper, magazine pages, postcards.  I love euphemia.  My friend Terry took me to a paper store in Santa Fe and I could have stayed there forever!

4)  Packaging.  I do not buy things because of a commercial.  You won't suck me in that way.  But packaging??!  I am subscribed to Birchbox and a whole lot of the reason is how it is packaged.  That stark pretty cardboard box opens to reveal things wrapped in ribbons and pretty vibrant tissue papers.  (if you are interested in Birchbox, let me know and I will send you an invite)

5)  Bling and bells.  It does not have to be over the top but I like that sparkle.  All of my sandals have rhinestones on them.  I also have several bracelets that necklaces that make noise when I move.  That makes me very happy.

6)  Thrift stores and garage sales.  My slice of heaven on earth.  I have a REALLY hard time paying retail on things at times.  My head thinks *I know I can totally find this for a quarter someday.* 

7)  Pinterest and Facebook.  I also HATE Pinterest and Facebook.  I know you understand.

8)  Alone time.  I got that recently.  I love all of the people in my life but somethings I have got to be alone.  I recharge and renew during that time.  That is nothing negative towards the people I am surrounded by.  I just know what I need and sometimes I need to be alone to make the static stop.

9)  Surprises...the good ones.  I love it when I get a card from Diana just out of the blue.  I have saved all of her cards and have them wrapped with a ribbon on my craft table so that I can see them everyday.  Last week Jamie gave me a crown that was on my pinterest list!  I was totally not expecting it.  I love it when good things make my heart leap.  You all do that to me. 
This is the crown!  Picture courtesy of the Katie's Rose Cottage Designs and used with her permission.  You can see her amazing store here.