Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh 2010, I Will Certainly Miss You.....

Normally, when we get to New Year's Eve, I am so ready to have the year over. I am not so over 2010 just yet. It has been a sweet year. A year like no other. I am not sure that 2011 can top you. I think Liz said it best with a comment she left on facebook "just like now you say this was the year your heart was enlarged when two became one and three made joy."

My daddy survived cancer, Cade graduated from high school, Camille married Shawn and the boys came along, I got to do my first major blogger meet up.

Yes have been a year among years.
Today I spent some time getting my living room back into some sort of order. Christmas has been put away so that we can welcome the new year. Of course, I will welcome the new year when I get up in the morning. ~grins~ I won't be seeing it at 12:00.

What do I want for this year? I am not sure just yet. The thoughts have been running around in my head today.

There are things I want to accomplish in 2011. I would not really call them resolutions. I think I will stick with the term Goals.

**I started back today on my no flour no sugar. I stopped it around September and it shows on the scales. It started with a cupcake here and a cheesecake there and then the addiction took over. I FEEL so much better without the flour and sugar. we go again.

**I am going to work on conquering the STUFF in this house. I am in the mood to organize so watch out! My room is going to be first and then the craft room. I am ready to move things and clean.

**I am going to do more crafts and post them. Right now I am thinking of doing at least one major project a month and posting about it. Just wait until you see the one for my room! I want to get back to creating and to doing real things here on the blog.

Am I the only one that does whole blog post in her head but never post them?

**I also want to work on my bucket list.

In short, 2011 is the year that I will have to learn to be alone. Cade will be moving out in the late summer to go off to college. I have never ever been alone in my life. There has always been someone that I have lived with no matter where I was. That will be an adjustment for me. I will miss him terribly. In fact, if I dwell on it too much, I can almost get a little panicky. I am trying to look forward to the time. It will be such a change but it will all be good.

I don't think I can call it *empty nest* since there are 4 animals that live in the house with me. Oh how happy I would be if one of them learned to unload the dishwasher and take out the trash.

So what about you? What do you want to see in 2011?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

We Are All On This Crazy Roller Coaster Together

Go read THIS....go ahead I will wait. Be WILL cry but it will be good tears!

Jenny the Bloggess opened up her heart and wallet and offered gift cards to the first 20 people to comment on her blog who needed help for Christmas. They went like lightening and then there were more than 20 who needed help. Then the elves stepped in. Go read it for yourself and remember that there ARE good people out there!

Then Camille called and told me that my oldest grandson asked Santa for socks.


When asked why he asked for socks, he told her "For in case we don't have anymore. What happens if someday we don't have any?" My grandbaby STILL worries about doing without.

Last Christmas, we shaved my daddy's head because of chemo.

This year, we CELEBRATE and want others to be able to celebrate too.

So...if you’re struggling for money right now and don’t know how you are going to do Christmas then leave me a comment. You don’t have to use your real name or leave a url or prove anything. Just leave me a comment. I will need your email address but you can email it to me if you are not comfortable with leaving it with your comment. I am posting my email at the bottom of this post. I’ll email a $25 Amazon or Target gift card or put $25 in your paypal account to the first four (4)people who leave a comment explaining why it would make a difference in their lives right now.

....anyone else want to jump in there with me?

And yes...Camille went out and bought J1 a whole bag on socks!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winner Winner!

Yeah yeah yeah....I am a slacker.

If anyone can tutor me on how to post the pic of the winning number from, I'd be much obliged. ~grins~

Instead you will just have to trust me when I say that the winner is #11! Ester!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I recently tried to win this book on a different blog. I had never heard of it before and it seemed interesting. Well, I did not win so I had to go out and actually BUY the book myself. I fell HARD for this little book. It is beyond good!

Prudent Advice ~lessons for my baby daughter (a life lost for every woman)~ was written by Jamie Morrison Curtis. The book is actually very simple while being very deep and spot on.

Some of my favorite items of the book include (in no particular order):

#43 Don't be afraid to get lost.

So true. Camille and I had our own little *adventure* OKC recently and made some good memories. I still locked the car doors at the *cough* establishment she went into but she came out safe and sound and that is all that really matters.

#125 You are an American.
"Whether or not you agree with every government policy, please don't take it for granted that you are a citizen of the United States. There is so much to be proud of, including your right to be passionate about your love of the country , or to be vocal about your disapproval."

We have all seen the news where people in other countries wait hours in line to vote. To often do we take our right for granted.

#212 Remember that most fairy tales were written by men.
"You are not a tiny princess awaiting rescue by a valiant man, a symbol of frailty and naivete, or the punch line in a morality tale. The women in those stories were crafted by a different sex at a different time for a different audience; these days you slay the dragon yourself."

~stands and applauds~

#280 The first stall is always the cleanest.

I used to always pick stall #2 thinking it was the cleanest. After doing some research, come to find out stall #2 is usually the first one chosen.

#297 Diamonds may be a symbol of love, but they are also a retail product.
I knew this but had never really thought about it. I do not wear my expensive diamond engagement ring. My mom tried it on once and I gave it to her to wear. She rarely wears it. She tells me that she is always terrified that she will lose the diamond out of it. I told her that it is has no value to me and is just a stone. I do have a tiny little sterling silver ring that cost me maybe $10 over 12 years ago. I wear it on my toe. I would be hear broken if I lost it. Value does not always mean monetary currency.

#233 You are more than a footnote in someone else's story.

"Don't be *the other woman.* She's always a quick side note in the great saga of another couple's love. Cast yourself as the lead in your own life, please."

How beautifully put. How many women are just a footnote.

And last but not least....

#203 Return your shopping cart.

"Abandoning your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot implies a sense of entitlement. Someone has to put it away; that someone should be you."

There it is in black and white!! I knew that somewhere that had to be a rule!! darned ole buggy pigs. lol

The book is so much more than a mom's advice to her daughter. It is a good list for anyone...female or male no matter the age.

I really did just fall in love with this very simple little book. It is down to earth yet very profound. I like it so much that ~insert grand Oprah flourish~ I BOUGHT ONE TO GIVE AWAY!!

If you would like a chance to win this book, simply leave me a comment. Include your email address if you want me to contact you letting you know you are the winner.

Contest ends on Friday night. Winner announced on Saturday morning!

eeerrrmmmm.....Camille you are not eligible to win this book. I think Santa might just bring you one. Well, only if you are a good girl....and maybe come clean my house or something. I DO know Santa's phone number!

Saturday, December 04, 2010


I watched *In Her Shoes* on Lifetime last night. One line from the movie has stuck with me all day. "Help someone else and heal yourself."

I think that there is something in that line for each of us.

I am taking a minute to stop and remember a few things that make my life sweet. I do have a good life no matter how much I whine. I am thankful.

Today I am thankful for:

1) ice cream and cake on toy story plates
2) scotch tape
3) a son who drives
4) a daughter who tries to make my favorite cake even if she left off the coconut
5) dvr
6) a paycheck
7) detergant
8) facebook
9) text messages
10) alone time
11) corgis with bells on
12) pre-lit christmas trees
13) gift certificates
14) redbox
15) clean panties
16) Sharpies
17) coupons
18) Advil
19) Wrapping paper with grids on the back
20) pj's
21) you

So now it is your turn. Tell me cause you know I wanna hear!

~clutches her diet coke and sings~ I'd like to teach the world to sing...