Friday, June 30, 2006

Boy Cows

When I was in County Court a few days ago, I asked our County Judge where his cow had gone. The Judge is a University of Texas fan and his cow is on the Courthouse lawn. He is a white cow with numerous orange States of Texas all over it. The Judge quickly informed me that his *cow* was not a was a steer. The steer and a few other cows go each summer to Palo Duro canyon and grace the entrance to the play *Texas*.

This steer is the meanest in the whole lot. He is so mean that they keep him behind a chain length fence with barbed wire at the top! He is the Texaco steer and his eyes really are red...that is not my camera. The insides of his nostrils are also red.

He used to be out on the Interstate until they closed the Texaco. I believe that is a cover-up. I believe he killed a man from Reno that had just stopped to get gas and they had to lock him up.

I made no sudden moves while trying to get a pic of this cow for you my loyal readers. I also did not poke my fingers through the fence to try to touch him. He stood still for me but I knew he would not have alot of patience so I got the job done quickly...thanked him...and then got the hell out of there.

I also did not make the mistake of calling him a cow.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday Thankfulness

Time for the thankfulness list. When I got ready to post this, I realized that my last post was #200!!

~laffin~ So I have alot to least you all pretend to listen.

1. Ceiling fans

2. Houseshoes at work

3. Live goldfish. I am assuming the goldfish serial killer is in jail or laying low getting ready to strike when least expected.

4. The new haircut

5. Rain

6. The slightly cooler weather. Give me 85 instead of 101 any day!

7. Blogs--especially ones that make me laugh out loud.

8. Magazines in the mail when I get home.

9. Compliments

10. Email

11. Getting one major bill paid off

12. Vanilla

13. An ebay win

14. The first morning glory bloom

15. Joy

16. Good posibilities

17. Postcards

18. You.....and you know who you are

19. Comments left on my blog. Do you know how much that means to me?

20. Seeing both of my children do good. Makes the journey all worth while.

EDITED ON 6/29/06 TO ADD CLEAN PANTIES!! How in the world did I forget them?? Thank you so much flutterby!

And so...what about you??

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


We interrupt this blog for a special announcement:

To the person who found my blog by searching google for *remarried my ex* this post is for you. STOP AND STEP AWAY FROM THE JUSTICE OF THE PEACE UNTIL YOU READ THIS POST.

Hon, don't do it just yet!! I am not trying to rain on your parade. Remarrying someone that you are divorced from may be exactly what it is that you are supposed to do. But, if you are going to remarry someone you have divorced in the past, please go to counseling first...both of you! It is very important. I know that you feel that it is the right thing to do to put a family back together but there is a reason why the marriage broke apart in the first place. That needs to be addressed and worked on first. Then, and only then, should you consider remarrying your ex. Date that person again. Allow yourself time with that person. Please do not rush into anything.

I believed that I was doing the right thing because it *fixed* a broken family. Because I believed that I was doing the right thing, I did not go back and look at what was wrong with the marriage in the first place and address that issue. Everyone was *happy* so I jumped right back in. I also realize that, if I had not remarried my ex, I would not have Bebo now. Baby gator and I cannot imagine a life without Bebo.

So what did I learn? 1) Emotions are not something to base important decisions on. 2) Sometimes people do not want to be the person you know that they are capable of being. 3) God can always bring wonderful things out of a wrong choice if you allow it. 4) We are just as much a family as a two parent family is. We are not and have never been a *broken family* as society would like to label us.

If you want to talk more about it please do not hesitate to email me at:

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

I would use alot of bullets here if I knew how......

so I will use spider dots insteads!

**YEA!! Stella went home! Bitchiness is just not funny.

**I was accused of wearing Partridge Family pants to work yesterday.

**I think Rachel and I need to form a religion so that we can have our own general assembly so that we are back in the loop.

**I need a Bath and Body Works fix.

**I have been off my diet for about 1 1/2 weeks. I can feel it too. I am really slow and sluggish and generally feel out of sorts. Starting it seriously again today. In the diet, I have been eatting totally vegen. It sure does work but I need recipes! Someone please point me in the right direction. I am also staying away from high starch veggies. I am also not eatting flour pasta.

**I was told that I get a free tattoo just as soon as the guy gets off of probation.

**One of my girls is into crystal healing. She asked at the last office visit if she could give me something. I told her that we are not allowed to accept gifts and she said that she totally understood. She said that she had wantedto give me a crystal to *heal* my office space. She went into great detail as to how you need to clean your crystal and how to take care of it. She thinks that all the other people that come into see me give off bad vibes that attach themselves to the things in my office (I wonder what vibes she thinks that she gives off?). Well, after her last office visit, I realized that she had left a small *crystal* under the little flying pig that I have on my desk. She had put it there because I could not see it from my side. I took the *crystal* to show Rach and she just busted out laughing. Why you ask? Because it was a rock from one of those *bag o' rocks* you can buy at Wal-Mart to landscape with. ~laffin~ Now I am just finding *crystals* everywhere!

**I really wanted to wear my TTCoJ shirt today but knew I could not get by with it.

**I am beginning to think it will never rain here again. I think we should have put big ole buckets out at Houston to catch their tremendous rain and then hauled those buckets back up here...though the heat would have evaporated it before it got here.

**My mom told Bebo that it is a sin to pray for something to catch on fire. He is helping out again at the volunteer fire department in Clarendon again and he just jumps and runs when the fire pager goes off.

**I am still working on getting Friday declared pj day but have been unsuccessful so far.

** Diet coke and cranberry juice together is delicious.

**I pulled into work this morning and parked. I got out and noticed that there were two older people pedalling down the brick street on big three wheeled tricycles. I love living in a small town.

**I am willing to moo on the radio for tickets to an amusement park. Wish me luck getting in and being the correct caller.

**Bebo's hair is now longer than mine. goes it with you?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer Foot Wear

Out of the blue, I received a letter for a flip-flop/sandal exchange. I think that this would be sort of fun so I have already bought a pair of flip-flops and sent it off to the #1 name on the list.

Here is the letter minus the names and addresses on it:

Ready for some fun??
Join our flip-flop/sandal exchange!

Please send a pair of flip-flops or sandals to the person whose name is listed as #1 below.
Then move my name to the #1 position and put your name in the #2 position. Only your name and my name should appear on the list when you send your letters out. Send the form to 6 of your friends with a blank copy.
The is not a chain letter. It is just for fun! If you cannot do this within one week, please let me know so that it will be fair to those participating. A large manila envelope will mail flip-flops nicely. Seldom does anyone drop out because we all love flip-flops or sandals and it is fun to see the location from which your flip-flops arrive.
The turn around is extremely fast because there are only 2 names on the list. You should be receiving your flip-flops with in weeks of sending out your letters. Don’t be responsible for spoiling the fun and stopping the parade of flip-flops!! Please remember to contact me if you do not participate. Thank you and have lots of fun with your new flip-flops!!



If you are interested in being one of my 6 people that I send this out to....either let me know in comments or just zap me off an email at:

FYI: The flip-flops I bought cost only $5.00 and shipping was less than $2.50. So it can be done cheaply.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Newest Member Of The Herd

There is a new cow!! You all know how I hate clowns. Well, my brother (known around here as Uncle Ootl) thought it would be so cute to send me a cow done up in clown costume. Click on her to make her bigger and you can see more of her detail. She is saying *Hey! Come here and pull my udder! I date you!* Notice her milk seltzer bottle, water squirting lapel flower, clown lips, rubber ball nose and clown hair! I must admit....I am loving her despite the clownage.

The title of this cow portrait? *Everyone needs a little cowmedy in Life.*

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Love Books and Memes.....But I Love Books More...

First off, thank you all so much with your helpful advise in the last post. I think I can handle tofu and maybe templates now.

I got tagged!! Maid of honor tagged me for this meme!!

1. The three most influential books in my life are:

Summer Of My German Soldier by Bette Greene. This was the first real grown up book that I can remember checking out of the library. I was with my grandmother (the crazy one) and she let me check it out of the library in Post Texas. I was around 12 at the time. I learned alot from it then and even more when I read it later in life. The part about irregular people have helped me to understand so many people in my life.

*In a perfect world, no one would have parents like Patty's, and no one would have to live through the neglect and injustice that made up her daily life. But the world is far from perfect and at least she had Ruth and Anton to love her and show her how things could be.

"He did love me," I said to Ruth. "And maybe one day my mother and father will too."
Ruth's eyes came level with mine and I could feel her resources rushing forward like front line soldiers to battle. "I ain't nevah `fore cast me no `spersions on other folks' folks," she said slowly, "but your folks ain't nevah gonna feel nothing good regarding you. And they ain't the number one best quality folks neither. They shore ain't. When I goes shoppin' and I sees the label stamped, `Irregular' or `Seconds', then I knows I won't have to pay so much for it. But you've got yourself some irregular seconds folks, and you've been paying more'n top dollar for them. So jest don't go a-wishing for what ain't nevah gonna be." pp. 191-192.

I watched her. It was like watching my very own life raft floating away towards the open sea. And yet somewhere in my mind's eye I thought I could see the faintest outline of land. Then it came to me that maybe that's the only thing life rafts are supposed to do. Taking the shipwrecked, not exactly to the land, but only in view of the land. The final mile being theirs alone to swim. p. 198.*

Now does that not just make a lot of sense?

A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving will remain my number one book of all times. I love this book and find new things in it each and every time I read it. Taught me that God does work in the details and is very aware of each and every thing that is going on...and that there is a reason.

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. I fell in love with this book. I love the thread of strong woman and what they do. I am a strong advocate of women mentoring women and standing by one another.

2. Three books I’ve read more than once. (sorry but the same as the previous catagory)

Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving

3. Three great books I personally hated.

Anything by Thomas Wolfe. I do not know why but I HATE his writing.

Anything on the Oprah Book Club....always so damned depressing.

Fictional mysterys or who done it's *gag* but I love true crime (non-fiction) books.

4. Three pure pleasures.

Any cookbook I can get my hands on. I especially love Ruby Ann, Paula Dean or Gooseberry stuff.

Steven King

Postsecret by Frank Warren. Love the book over and over and over and I love the web site too.

5. Three great books I should have read but haven’t yet.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Harry Potter by JK Rowling...just have never ever been interested.

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

6. The last three books I ordered.

Eat To Live by Joel Fuhrman. So far it is really working.

Spiritual Disciplines. Ordered for the study with my Sunday school class. I have not been disciplined enough to read it the way that I should.

Postsecret by Frank Warren. I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK.

I am adding a category:

Books that I have read that should have never been made into a movie:

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. They BUTCHERED THAT POOR BOOK. If you have only seen the movie...I beg of you to read the book. The book is wonderful and detailed and you get nothing out of the movie. Mr. Golden should sue.

A Prayer for Owen Meany was made into Simon Birch. You get a little of the jist of the book but they even changed the damn ending!! I promise you that you will love this book if you will read it. If not, I will buy it from you.

Okay....who wants to play? I know Rach will wanna!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things I Wanna Know

Does anyone know what the top part *points up* of the blog is called? The banner maybe? I mean the part at the tippy top that says *Bits and Odd Pieces* and all that goes along with that? How do I add a picture to it or gussy it up?? I have seen wonderful creative ones out there but do not know how to do it. Do I need to find someone to design it and pay for it or what?

Can anyone translate a word into Chinese for me and write it out? I am working on a craft project and need a word written out for me. It is a secret project so email me if you can help me out!!

Rachel, Annie and I wanna swap ephemera. Anyone else wanna jump it? You will only be out your shipping cost since you would already have the ephemera that you would want to send.

I had a really weird dream last night. I mean WEIRD! Stop here if you do not wanna know more....

I had 5 zits on my nose. I was able to get the zits out and the holes closed immediately. You could not even tell that there had been anything at all wrong with my nose. Weird thing was that a seed pod came out of each zit. Each was about the size of an eraser and they were round and golden in color and hard like a bead. It did not freak me out in the dream and it was so real! What in the heck does that mean???? And no....I was not drinking.

Why do we not play that *remember when* game more often in comments. Now THAT was fun!!

Why do I keep buying tofu when I have no clue what to do with it? What can be done with tofu that does not include flour, sugar, or cheese?

Why don't I look as good as Jo(e) naked?

Why big bucking chicken? Now don't get me wrong....I like him much better than that stupid Burger King dude!

Will you please vote for NIKKI PAYNE to get back on Last Comic Standing? She was so damned funny on the show and I cannot believe that she did not get picked to go into the house!

So, what might you like to know?? Ask me anything!

Is there a statute of limitations for child abuse?

I was home this weekend and we decided to look through the old photos that my mom has. I was looking for one of my mom and her sister to make a card with. Bebo and Tybo (my nephew) had a wonderful time looking at all of the pics of me and my brother. Poor children did not know what polyester was. At one point, we had all of the pictures scattered out all over my parents living room and had such a good time looking and poking fun at one another. My mom wondered what in the heck she was thinking when she did my hair? And why in the world could she not get my bangs straight? And why did she think it was a good thing to stick that bow onto the side of my head? I actually remember having this picture made. It was made at Wackers Variety Store in Post Texas. Wackers was before TG & Y. I must have thought that I was uptown with that plastic rose.
And this was my first grade picture. I do not remember this nor do I remember the time it must have taken us that morning before school started to get my hair to do this. I actually think that I was very traumatized and blocked this memory out. I think my mom was just happy that I was in the first grade since I was *hides head in shame* a kindergarden drop out. Well...actually I was asked to leave....

I think that this pic should be captioned *Here in Texas, the Women folks and the young'uns all wear their hair big so that they're closer to God.*

I have no aspirations to enter *America's Next Top Model*.

Monday, June 12, 2006

What DOES One Buy When Money Must Be Falling Out Of Their Butt?

No really...tell me cause I would love to know. And just how does one get money to do that?

Bebo is home from visiting my ex. He got an Ipod. ~sighs~ Now I will have to work that much harder to win one of my own. He is loving it and I am happy for it but I am already tired of having to buy songs to download. You would have thought a gift card might have come with that nifty new gadget.

Bebo has not been there since Christmas so he had a really good time. Bebo is never really sure as to what house he will be going to once he gets there because they move...ALOT. They have been at this home now for about 9 months. They have not sold the last home yet which included a roping arena but it is for sale if any of ya'll are interested. In the last 13 years, they have moved 10 times that I am aware of. We are not talking into trailers...they buy a house and then move out of it. They also get her a new vehicle each year and him a new vehicle each year. Last years vehicle had a DVD player in the back. ~grins~ And I worried that netflix might blow my budget.

It seems as though my ex had some sort of surgery a few weeks before Bebo's arrival. Bebo was told that they went into his stomach 5 different places.....and can tell you how much it acutally cost. Now, he was not shown the scars but the ex's wife showed Bebo the BILL! Now this is from a woman that rarely speaks to Bebo on any of his trips to that home. The bill was for $18,000.00. Also, while she was at it, she showed him an estimate of the pool that they are having built in their backyard....$20,000.00.

My conversation with Bebo:

Me: So do you think he is feeling better after his surgery?

Bebo: I think so....he has lost a lot of weight. Everything he eats makes him throw up.

Me: How do you know that?

Him: Cause those chicken nuggets he had on the ride home kept us stopping every few miles.

Me: Did he tell you why he had to have surgery?

Him: was because of his uterus.

Me: *blink blink* His Uterus??

Him: Yep

Me: eeerrrmmmmmm Bebo remember....guys don't have a uterus...only girls.

Him: was something like that.

Me: An ulcer?

Him: YEAH! That was it.

Later, after I thought about it.....I decided that maybe he had gone and bought a uterus. I mean really, what does the man who has everything buy??

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thankfulness List

1. Bebo coming home to Clarendon today. He has been with his father.

2. New sandles.

3. Crafts.

4. Mailed postcards.

5. Lost weight.

6. New panties!! (of course you knew that would make the list! I have been buying a package of panties each month to put back for pantipalooza each month so that it is not so expensive when February gets here).

7. Swaps

8. Things sold on Ebay.

9. Blogs and blogger friends.

10. Banter between friends here at work.

11. Olay's Touch of Sun.

12. The Lost boards so I can keep up with the interactive game.

13. Chevy pick-up being at work.

14. Air conditioners

*I have realized I should have written this list at home instead of work. It is easier to be thankful at home then at work. *grins*

15. A full tank of gas.

16. Sugarbaby watermelons.

17. Grace

18. The relationship I have with my daughter.

19. Knowing exactly who my friends are,.

20. Swaps

21. Bubble wrap

22. My mom's cooking

23. New recipes. what about you??

Who wants to trade ephemera??

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Creative Endeaver

Lately, I have immersed myself in my crafts. Almost like I have been hungry to create. My mom bought an old dirty window for $5.00. At first, we were going to clean it up and paint the wooden part. Then we decided to leave it as it was and just wash a bit of the glass portion.

Then, I rummaged around in the paints and stencils and went to work. The stencil was placed on the back of the window.

This is the finished product. A chain will be attached to the frame and it will hang on my brother's dining room wall.

I found a blog the other day where the blogger invited people to send her a sandwich bag full of found items, left over craft pieces and things like altoids tins. Then she would craft with them and place the finished pics on her blog. She did some awesome things!! I am kicking that idea around right now.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bits and Pieces...Odds and Ends....This and That....Oh HELL....just STUFF!

EVERYONE is a winner in the cow contest!!! All of your request for prizes will be worked on and sent out in the next few weeks. I might post a pic of what each of you has one when I get ready to send it out if that is alright. I am having a mental block with Rach's skull book thong and I know she will be glad when I get that done!

**Note to Sue.....did you notice that there was NOT ONE STICK COW IN THE BUNCH! See, yours would have been totally unique and you too would have won something.

Moral to that have to play if you want to win!!

**I think I am the only person in the world (well, I was until you read this and then YOU TOO said it) to say.....testicular value today.

**I am now the proud owner of a new washer and dryer. The old ones went to live at Baby Gator's house. The new ones will be at my home later today. I really wanted one of those new fangled ones cause they just look so awesome. However, when the salesman points out that it would take a hell of a lot of years to earn back your money on them....THE SALESMAN SAID THAT....then you realize that a household of two people (and only one for the next 6-8 weeks) really does not need all of those bells and whistles. I mean, who really has to watch their clothes wash and dry? Still, if I win a set (and I do try to!!) then I would not give them back! Then Baby Gator could get the newest old set.

**I saved all the extra money that I made while teaching and bought my washer and dryer outright!! I swear and had a little money left over! Can we say pedicure reward??

**Conversation this AM: But I think any man that was thinking about growing breast would really need to get some counseling. I think it is a good idea that you go.

**Won the Pack It Up part of this sweepstakes from Oprah and THERE WERE SHARPIES IN IT!! (I am thinking that Oprah put those in just for me ~grins~)

**I am loving Netflix. *Pieces Of April* is a must see. Read *Memoirs of a Geisha* but do not bother with the movie.

**I am loving wearing my sandles and going barefooted again. I love going barefooted.

**I hate the politics that surrounds my job at times.

**Bebo has gone to spend the summer with his grandparents. He has now been gone 1 week and 2 days. My mom said that we were not getting together last weekend. I had 3 whole days to myself!! OMG....I cannot begin to tell you how that feels. I piddle with my crafts, cleaned my closet, got stuff put on ebay, watched movies ,worked in my little backyard and took naps each day. Now, she says that we are not getting together this weekend....hhhmmm......then my plans are to clean out my storage unit, get more stuff put onto ebay, make some ATC's, make another birthday card, start cleaning out Bebo's room (ssssssshhhhhh.....he does not know!!) and NAP!

**Bebo's room *big rolling of the eyes here* is, how shall I say this?...hhhmmmm.....not up to my standards!?!?!?! I am all for being a free spirit and I think I have guided my children in a way that they are free thinkers but I am drawing the line at 6 empty rootbeer bottles and numerous pairs of dirty manties under the bed. His idea of clean and mine and totally opposite. If he was here, he would fight me on this and say with alot of dramatics ( I do not know where he gets a flair for drama) I will DO IT. But he is not here and I am and I am going to do it. And he will be totally pleased with it when he returns home.

**I have one little stray hair that grows on my chin. I never see it until it is like 3 inches long. It is like invisible until it is springing wildly from my chin and I am amazed that people do not point and laugh. Why do I tell you this? Because I just now saw it when I was putting lipstick on. I SWEAR it was not there at 7am when I was putting my makeup on.

**If you get an incomplete in Bible, does that mean you are going to hell?