Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Swapping Sugar

~laffin~ Okay...the emails have gone out! Let the swapping commence!

List of characters or eerrrmmmm partners are as follows:

Maid of Honor------------------Rachel

FSIL (Future Son In Law)------Aphra (friend of Lorna's that is playing!)

Reverend Mother--------------Yankee Transplant

Me-----------------------------Second Grade Teacher

little david---------------------QuotidianGrace

St. Cass------------------------Cheesehead

Lorna--------------------------Baby gator

Mary Beth---------------------Song Bird

Flutterby--------------------- Judy

There are 18 swappers this go around. I put everyone’s name in a pot and pulled for partners. You should have already received an email with your partner's address. If not....email me!!

You must send a dessert recipe that you have made or your have tried (eaten) at least once so you can tell your swapper about it.

Your recipe does not have to be hand written but it has to be SNAIL MAILED. We all like getting things in the mail. I love getting things from other countries because of the pretty stamps.

Your recipe can be just on plain paper or snazzed up anyway that you chose. You may also send other things along with your recipe. An example might be a unique ingredient that goes into the recipe or a wooden spoon. HOWEVER, you are only responsible for snail mailing one recipe to your partner by the date announced.

You will email your recipe to me and I will keep up with them. When you email me your recipe, I will know that you have also snail mailed it out to your partner!

~sheeze....I am sounding bossy~


Thank ya'll for letting me do this! I have so much fun!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Jerry Springer and Jackie Guerrrrrrrrrrrra

I have been laid up sick at home since last Tuesday night. I looked at my house this morning and wanted to cry. I felt so bad that, even though I was at home, I got not one thing done. It is like I lost almost a weeks worth of time. ~laffin~ If I stayed away from here, then you know I was really sick.

I have been very thankful for Advil, Theraflu, Puffs, Dayquil and naps.

I did learn something while out.....women do not stay home during the day just to watch television. My gosh....there is NOTHING on!!

If you went to the mail box and found an envelope with the return address of Jerry Springer on it what would you do? You open it up and found a sweet little letter asking you to be a special guest on their show. Do you go out and buy a pretty little dress and have your hair done? There is a dress code for that show but not one that you would expect. If asked on the show you must wear either a weave or a wig. You must wear a skirt or a dress. Wearing pants means that the audience will not see any flesh during the fight. You must wear hoop earrings and know how to swear and slap. And you may NOT wear water proof mascura. I watch one show (granted I was laying on the couch so all of the people were side ways) and I am still not sure what it was about because they bleeped so much of the show. Also, the women on the show tend to want to wrastle (as opposed to wrestling) and cat fight. DThat is where the dress part comes in. Also, you may NOT wear panties. Those women would begin to wrastle and scream at one another. The bleeping and the blurring of the women's naked womanly parts would commence. hhhmmm.....maybe those women would have benefitted from pantypalooza?!?!? If you get a letter from Jerry asking you to be on his show you have NOT won a great prize nor is he sending you on a cruise. You are being invited to the show because 1) the paternity of your children are in dispute, 2) your parents or siblings are not really your family or 3) someone you are close to is sleeping around with someone else you know but would have never suspected.

After that, the TV stayed on DIY so that I could drift in and out and still have crafts on my mind. Sadly, I can say that I have outgrown Carol Duvall. I used to watch her faithfully years ago when she was on the Home Show. She always did the neatest things! And now, well, it seems as though her heart is just not into it anymore. I fear that I have outgrown Carol.

Another crafter that I watched is Jackie Guerra. She pronounces it Guerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra. She does a jewerly craft show and I thought that I would pick up some tips for my beads. WRONG. DIY...some pointers 1) Your host should at least be able to CRAFT something. All I saw her do was correct her guest who did the actual crafting or take away an item that the crafter was making and put it on. 2) Make her stop putting 16 r's into her last name! Even Chevy pick-up who is hispanic does not do that to that extent! 3) Just slapping a big girl onto a program will not make other big girls loyal viewers. Now I applaude your use of someone that is not a size 3. That was a good move. But, it is just not working. The other day in Court, one of the young ladies that was testifying was about a 16. She was wearing a shirt that was at least 3 sizes to small. I told the intern, *Just because a shirt SAYS XL does not mean that all of us big girls can get into it.* DIY, just because your show features a big girl does not mean that I can get into it.

If I had a crafting show, it would be *Mindy's Crafting Show* and I would not let anyone else come on the show unless that were doing a craft that I did not know how to do. Otherwise, I would be taking away their craft and re-doing it. I am not proud of knowing that I would do that but I know...I would do that. You know the saying, *If you want something done right, do it yourself.* Maybe that is why I am good at my job. I do not say *I would suggest that you try blah blah blah*. I say *You WILL do this and this and this.*

I am waiting for DIY to call an offer me Jackie Guerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra's job anyday now.

One of my latest creations.....

I want a nap.


Well, I did not run away nor did I get kidnapped. Trust me, if I were kidnapped....they would bring me back. I had the flu. Nasty stuff....stay away from it at all cost!

That has put me behind in several things. I am working on mailing out addresses for the recipe swap. Be watching your email. If you still want in. Email me now!

Friday, February 17, 2006

I Am Really Hungry For Wedding Cake

but, since I do not have even a boyfriend and Babygator's wedding is a year away, I will just have to make due with this!

Too cold to get out and take a pic of a cow so I am going to go ahead and get started on the recipe swap. I am going to let people continue to sign up until Sunday. They, either Sunday or Monday, I will email you with your swap partners address. You will have a week to send off your recipe. You will also email me a copy of the recipe. I will keep up with all of the recipes so
that…..MAYBE....EVENTUALLY....We might have enough to do some sort of a recipe book/bookletlet if we want to in the future.

This is the list of those that have already signed up. I would like to have at least 20 to start playing but we shall play no matter what the number!

1. YankeeTransplant

2. Rachel

3. Baby Gator

4. Song Bird

5. Mary Beth

6. Lorna

7. Aphra (one of Lorna’s friends!)

8. Second Grade Teacher

9. Little david

10. Maid of Honor

11. Quotidian Grace

12. Flutterby

13. Cheesehead

14. Reverend Mother

15. Future SIL

16. Me

The rules are simple.

1) You sign up.

2) You are assigned a partner.

3) You send a recipe to that partner in the swap theme. The recipe you send must have been made by you or tried (eatten) by you at least once so that you can tell your swapper about it!!

4) Your recipe does not have to be hand written but it has to be SNAIL MAILED. We all like getting things in the mail. I love getting things from other countries because of the pretty stamps.

5) Your recipe can be just on plain paper or snazzed up anyway that you chose. You may also send other things along with your recipe. HOWEVER, you will be responsible for snail mailing one recipe to your partner by the date announced.

6) You will email your recipe to me and I will keep up with them.


This swaps theme is : Desserts

Desserts may include anything sweet so cookies will be allowed. More than likely, there will also be a cookie recipe swap before this is over too.If you want to do this, please sign up! Send me an email at : princessandthebeads@yahoo.comAlso, please let me know if you will or will not send internationally.

If you want to join in but are afraid of giving out your address.....you can play too! You can email me your recipe so that you can be included in the cookbooklet but you will not have to swap a recipe through snail mail with anyone else. That will allow everyone that wants to...to play!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Want To Play Too!

I do not want to be left behind! Everyone's playing it so I am too!

Tell me what you think here!

I shall be ever so brave!

Pantypalooza Explosion-arama!

Happy Valentines Day!!! Today is the day for our pantypalooza!

I will drop off the stuff that Rach and I got today before noon. I also made some cookies for the Crisis Center's support staff.

What did you do? Remember....nothing is too small! Let me know and I will update it here as the day goes along.

Please check back so you too can see what impact ya'll have made!!

I am so excited...this is going to be an excellant Valentines day!


Baby Gator dropped off her and Pooh's stuff at the Amarillo Downtown Women's shelter this afternoon. I am so damned proud of those 2 girls!

And look! Look at what Howie and his daughter did !!

Flutterby dropped off the bags of fuzzy slippers... And she threw in a huge bag of perfumy lotion and soap etc samples that she had been saving for her next shipment to the lady soldiers but this time it is going to stay local.

I dropped off mine and Rachel's stuff at the Crisis Center. They thought that pantypalooza was a hoot. They did tell me that, most of the women that they get usually only have the clothes on their backs. I asked them what sized panties did they usually need and they told me something that will always stick with me....

*Mindy, just buy the same size that you wear to donate. That way, you will always be helping someone that is alot like you.*

Maid got diapers dropped off at her Church for their intercity mission project. Teacher here at work pointed out...those too are panties!

QC got her shoes dropped off!

Yankee Transplant bought diapers (panties) for the kids at the shelter for families with HIV/AIDS.

LutheranChik and her *friend* tawonda shared our idea with her fellow lay ministry students. At least one of them was so taken with Pantypalooza that she enlisted a bunch of her friends to collect all sorts of comfort items and underwear, plus knit "magic scarves" in various colors, and they gave everything to their local women's shelter (in a metro Michigan area). Another of chik's blogmates also took off with this idea over on the West Coast.And she dropped off her gift bag of undies and hand lotion at our local women's shelter, and they were happy to get it.

little david decided to forgo the panty route. He and cat bought shampoo, soap, cocoa butter body creme, and razors and he dropped then off at the Crisis Center where a befuddled office worker seemed delighted by the idea of a man bringing by those items on Valentine's Day.

I think that this was a great success! Thank you all so very much!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Palooza and Other Things

I got up at 6:30 this morning. That is my usual routine on Sundays. I love to get up and read my Sunday papers before getting ready to go to Sunday School. All went well this morning. We got ready in record time and left about 15 minutes before class time. Went to start that CRV and got *ggggrrrrr ggggggrrrrrrr* *ggrr ggrr*. Then...silence...the battery was totally dead. I took it as a sign from God to stay home. (Rach pointed out that it might have actually been a sign from AC Delco) but home I still stayed. Came in and but on sleep pants and my *probation officer play nice or go to jail* t shirt and started working on my Pantypalooza project.

The world (both in real life and in the internet world) seems to have an itch it cannot scratch....a stick up its proverable hiney.

At work, it was horribly hairy and we were short handed. Hearings that should have taken 20 minutes took 3 hours. New attorneys back talked Judges. People at work cried because they either did not feel well, they had family members in big problems or they just did not want to be there.

The same feeling entended over into the blog world. Some people that I know are taking breaks or leaving their blogs for their own reasons. Part of that is very confusing to me. I have to always take into account that people do not always think like I do. I think david is right with what he wrote yesterday. I first I did not think I agreed with what he said and then, realized that he is right. I write here because I have to. There is too much inside of me that needs to get out. I started out writing because of Rach and her blog. I used to be so addicted to my site meter because I thought it proved that people were reading me. Then, I realized that alot of people read off of the likes of bloglines so they never even enter the blog. I am a person who loves attention and validation. The comments feed me at times. But, I would still blog if the comments faded away and my site meter never got another hit. This started out as a lark. It is not that any longer. I blog for my emotions. I blog for fun. I blog to connect with others. I blog cause I have an incrediable life. I blog to make myself happy. I blog to make others happy (I ended up mailing out 15 special Valentines!!). I blog to make the great big old world smaller. I sinply blog. If you like it it... wonderful! Pull up a chair and hang around and my circle will widen. If you don't...no loss sweetness. Thanks for coming by and I hope that you find what it is that you are looking for.

I have worked on putting all of my stuff together for Pantypalooza this morning. It has, in a bizarre sort of way, a form of worship. I know that there are four women at the shelter right now. I made up four different make-up bags full of treats. I have included manicure stuff, facial peels, Bath and Body Works lotions, make-up brushes, body soaps, perfumes, key chains, cute memo pads, gums and candies. To the crisis center, I am sending: PANTIES!, good shampoos and conditioners, bath soaps, bath bubbles, bath sponges, purses, body washes, facial soaps and masks. I am a pack rat who loves packaging. I had to buy very little to put all of this together. I buy things with coupons and I amass samples all of the time. I am thankful that it is all finally going to a good use. As I was putting things together, I was over come with the feelings of not being able to do enough. I remember how it was to feel as though you were forgotten. I prayed as I put together the make-up bags that these women would no longer feel that way. I also included a card for each woman and tiny little glass hearts that I had found.

Don't forget....just a few days before your Pantypalooza project needs to be delivered on Valentines day! (or as Maid refers to it Single Awareness day) Make me proud! Heck, make yourself proud!! I really hope that we do this each year and that it grows and grows. Let me know what you are doing or what you did if you do not mind!

pppppsssstttt.....I am curious as to who tawonda is and I wanted to thank you for posting on the belief.net board.

You sweet, beautiful, gentle, special reader.....you are not forgotten. I hope that you and your panties have a really good day.

Edited to add at 2:00 pm. I went out to see if any of the neighbors were home to get a boost. I thought I would then run the CRV to Wal Mart and get another battery. The CRV started on the first try. ~grins~

Thursday, February 09, 2006

And today....

People have started receiving my Valentines!! I am so glad! If you did not get in on getting a special Valentine mailed to you by ME....send me an email requesting on. It may not get to you by Valentines but you will still get one...and I promise you will like the surprise!!

We have 9 signed up for the Dessert swap so far. I think that is a great start but we need more. Come on, don't make me beg...well, I will if you really want to. Sign up now!! Pretty Please.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Okay! Everyone has received magnets that sent magnets out! Since the magnet swap is officially over, we can start playing again!

We are going to start swapping recipes. Every few weeks I will host another round of *Swap That Recipe* with a new category. MAYBE....EVENTUALLY....We might have enough to do some sort of a recipe booklet if we want to in the future.

The rules are simple.

1) You sign up.

2) You are assigned a partner.

3) You send a recipe to that partner in the swap theme. The recipe you send must have been made by you or tried (eatten) by you at least once so that you can tell your swapper about it!!

4) Your recipe does not have to be hand written but it has to be SNAIL MAILED. We all like getting things in the mail. I love getting things from other countries because of the pretty stamps.

5) Your recipe can be just on plain paper or snazzed up anyway that you chose. You may also send other things along with your recipe. HOWEVER, you will be responsible for snail mailing one recipe to your partner by the date announced.

6) You will email your recipe to me and I will keep up with them.

Sign ups will begin now and will go on for a week or two. I will give you plenty of notice on when they need to be mailed out.

This swaps theme is (that makes me feel like the Iron Chef!):


Desserts may include anything sweet so cookies will be allowed. More than likely, there will also be a cookie recipe swap before this is over too.

If you want to do this, please sign up! Send me an email at : princessandthebeads@yahoo.com
Also, please let me know if you will or will not send internationally.

If you want to join in but are afraid of giving out your address.....you can play too! You can email me your recipe so that you can be included in the cookbooklet but you will not have to swap a recipe through snail mail with anyone else. That will allow everyone that wants to...to play!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Super Bowl Party Wrap Up

We are WAY TOO MUCH! The menu included: iced down drinks (in glass bottles....those are just so much more fun, cookies, chips with Bebo's mexican cheese dip, fruit kabobs and sausage stuffed french loaves. The stuffed french bread was the new recipe that we tried and we will be making it again! I was actually really easy and really good. It made up two loaves and I think that the 2nd loaf would freeze easily. It is actually much prettier than what it shows up as in the pic.

Sausage Stuffed French Loaves (I squiggled the parts that I tweaked.)

2 fat, long loaves of French Bread

8 oz bulk pork sausage (I used 4 oz of regular sausage and 4 oz maple sausage)

8 oz ground beef (I used closer to 12 oz)

1 medium onion chopped

1 egg

1 tsp dijon mustard (I used about 1/4 C)

1/4 C parsley (I left this out. I used about 3 TBL Oregano)

1/ tsp fennel seeds (left this out)

Salt and Pepper

1 C. sharp cheddar cheese

2 TBL Butter

2 cloves of garlic crushed (I used powdered garlic)

Preheat oven to 400. Cut off one end of each loaf. Hollow of the loaf with your fingers and a long knife. Tear up the bread that comes out of the loaves into coarse pieces and set aside. Brown the sausage and then add the ground beef and onions. Cook until your ground beef is done. (I drained everything off at this point.) Combine the bread crumbs, meat mixture, egg, mustards, spices, salt and pepper. Spoon the mixture into the bread shells and then attach the ends withback on with toothpicks. Melt the butter and add the garlic. Brush this mixture over your loaves. Wrap them each in foil and back for 15 to 20 minutes. I then opened up the foil and left the loaves in the oven for a few minutes to brown up the top.

Why is it that the beer commercials are always the best commercials? I loved the sheep as a streaker.

I have discovered that a 13 year old boy is humorously tacky when his team wins the Super Bowl. Today he is still taunting me. He keeps asking me *Now, what was the score again??* And today it went like this:

Bebo as I was taking him to school and he was about to get out: *Hey Mom! If Western Union was still sending telegrams this is what your telegram would say: "Your team got beat....stop" "Cause your team sucks....stop" "Too bad you lost....stop" "love Bebo...stop"


"Congrats on your Super Bowl win...stop"

"I will no longer do your laundry...stop"

"We will see if you are still funny with stinky underwear...stop"

"Love your Mom...stop"

I love it.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Phone Is Off The Hook....and The Doorbell Is Going Unanswered....

Because today is the Super Bowl. HA! You never pegged me as a football fanatic?!?! I am not. I only understand parts of the whole thing. I get the big picture....I understand the basics. The main part that I understand is that it pleases Bebo. HE is the football, hockey, all things sports fanatic in our home. He did got get that from babygator or myself. Trust me, some things are just basic and come pre-wired! So, for today, time will stand still when the game begins. We will have our annual Super Bowl Party. We both have our teams that we root for. I always get the one that Bebo does not want. ~laffin~ when he was smaller, he would often flip flop on his teams during the game depending on who was winning. Now that he is older, he sticks to the team that he has already chosen.

This is one of our traditions that began about 6 year ago. Bebo was about 5 or 6 years old. He and I have had Superbowl parties through out all of those years. Well, actually we missed last year due to him being grounded over algebra. But this year, the tradition has returned. Now, this party is a bit different from many parties....he and I will be the only celebrants. He could have gone to the Church's youth party but never even asked me if he could go. That means, I get this party for at least another year. I know that, eventually, he will go his seperate way and party with the big boys. This year is mine.

The planning for the party begins a few weeks before the actual event. I mean, who can have a Super Bowl party without food? So, he and I are on the lookout for new foods to try and that is also what makes it special. We have our football shaped chip and dip bowl that will be filled up this afternoon. We will begin cooking food in the next few hours so that everything is ready. Then we will settle in for the game.

Raising a boy has been alot of trial and error for me. It did not come naturally. Babygator was a girl so that was not too difficult. But a boy? How does one raise a boy without a father in the home? By trial and error. By making mistakes and then correcting them. Sometimes, that is where the best lessons are learned. His father does not take an active role in his life. He himself will tell you he has not been a good father. Yet, he has never missed paying his child support. That has helped.

The first time I realized that I would have to do things differently was during his first YMCA soccer game. He was all of 4-5 years old. He was so excited to be playing until the game actually started. He did not get into a lot of the action because HE WAS AFRAID THAT HE WOULD GET HIS Y SHIRT DIRTY! His sister and I were mortified and started a new training campaign. We would get him into the yard and push him around some while playing with him. Do you think I am kidding? I am not! We had to teach him that he was supposed to get dirty! To this day, he loves to play sports. I hope that episode never comes out in therapy. Yet, he is not cutting edge competitive. We lovingly refer to him as *the goodwill ambassador of sports*. Ya know, that is alright with me.

I have also realized the importance of keeping good male role models in his life. My Daddy has always been such a good influence on him. We moved to Plainview when Bebo was just about to turn 4 years old. The move was hard for all of us but especially for him. My Daddy come to my home each and every night when Bebo was little just to give him his bath. Did not matter if my Daddy was working or not, he was there. He also took both of my children to *coffee* at the coffee shop. When Babygator was in school, my Daddy would come and get Bebo for his morning *coffee*. He would begin to hear my Daddy's pick-up coming down the road and would start crawling to the door cause he knew....he knew the man that loved him the most was coming to get him. Since moving to Plainview, my Daddy has not missed any of Bebo's games. Not even when gas got very high. That's a good man for you. There have also been great male Sunday School teachers, Coaches and my friend's husbands who have played a major role in his life.

My Mom is one of my very best friends. She is not a demonstrative person like I am. I know that she loves me by how she takes care of me. There was alot of damage in her early life that holds her back and I have made peace with that. For my birthday last October, she gave me a book called, *Raising Boys Without Men* by Peggy Drexler. The book is about how maverick moms are creating the next generation of exceptional men. When she gave me the book she said, *I have read this book before I gave it to you. I am so proud of you because you have raised Bebo right all along. There were times I thought you were wrong in doing some of the things that you were doing.....but you weren't. You did it right without the book.*. That meant so much to me. The book is a must read for any woman raising a boy....with or without a man.

So for today, we will party and hollar at the TV. And all will be right in our little corner of the world for another day regardless of which team wins.

But I sure to hope that it is the Sea Hawks so I can taunt Bebo!!

Bebo making his world famous mexican cheese dip!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Personal Ads For A Lovely Lady

**You will know me because I will be wearing a red flower in my hair....and you....I shall know you for you will be carrying the Times under your arm.....**

This is Reef Beef. This cow is at a park close to my home. I get to see her daily. I love here aquatic theme and her bright blue color! The photo at the bottom was taken a few days ago and is how she normally looks. On my ride home yesterday, she had gussed up and had a red tissue flower on her head. I just had to stop and get a new pic of her. I think she is meeting up with her Valentine Date.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Swap Thinking A La Recipes

Okay, I am getting really ready to do start the recipe swap! Who is in??

This is my idea.....we have a recipe swap every few weeks with a different theme each time. You would send a hand written recipe to who ever your partner is and also email the recipe to me. I would keep up with all of the recipes through out each different swap. Then, in the end, we might just have enough to make us up a cookbooklet. I think Kinko's would print them up for us. Then, we could determine the price of printing and mailing and ~insert big musical flourish here~**TA DA** each of us have one! This would really be an easy swap and maybe even more people would participate.

I would like us to start with deserts. What do you think about it? Come on and be honest. I want this to be fun and still work for us all. What'ca got??

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Official Panty Palooza Kick Off!!

It is February 1st and the official kick-off day for our blogger Panty Palooza!! I am very excited about this and I am so glad that so many of you plan to join it! I am asking that you do what ever it is that you decide to do and do it by Valentines day. I plan to do most of mine ON Valentine's day.

Okay, I have been asked what it is that I am going to do.

I called our local Crisis Center and talked to some of the counselors there. If you decide to do that, please remember that there may be some questions that they cannot answer due to confidentially laws. They told me, on average, how many women are at the safe house at any given time. I explained to them what I was sort of looking at doing. They explained to me that they get things donated such as shampoo and lotion but it is usually the generic stuff. They suggested body sprays or lotions that smell nice. I will put those things on my list to pick up. I am also donating...PANTIES!! They told me that they can always use panties at the Shelter in all shapes and sizes.

I have also been working on my Valentines. I plan to send out at least one a day.

I will also make cookies or carmel apples and take to the support staff on Valentine's day. I would think that they have a really hard job dealing with all that they have to deal with.

Other suggestions would be just asking around and finding one person to zero in on. This is a hard holiday for alot of people for many different reasons. Singles, widows, divorcees and couples having problems would just be a place to start. You are all very creative people and I just know that you will find the perfect person to touch.

What about the chick that always checks out your groceries? Why not hand her a gift certificate for a pedicure? A Valentine left on the windshield of a teacher that explains that, not only are they appreciated but WHY they are appreciated. A Sonic card, McDonald's certificates, an offer to baby sit for one evening, an oil change certificate.....Come on! Put on your thinking caps and let me know what you come up with!

Also, you do not have to tell me and the world what it is that you have done. Just let me know that you did something.

I have a quote on my desk that means the world to me and I think it fits with all of this. I believe it also applies to each of us and we do practice it already. It is from Ghandi:

**It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.**

We are seed planters, care takers, nurturers and NOW panty providers!!

When I was at my lowest, there were several different women that played a role in my life. Some daily, some with words, others with actions...some I never even knew their names. I am who I am, in part, because of the seeds that they planted.


A Day Late Now With Sparkles!

Today I am wearing a black pull over shirt with khakis and sparkly black shoes. Half assed shoes as Rachel would call them. I noticed, as I sat to type this late entry, that my bust was sparkling. Oh my! Now that is a surprise! I just ironed this shirt this morning and it did not seem to have it's own personality then. That is when I realized what the true culprit was....The ironing board. You see, I took yesterday off so that we could have Dish Network installed. The whole day just to wait around for Glenn the Dish guy. In fact, they pinned down his time of arrival to any time between 8 am to 12 pm. Around about 10ish, Glenn shows up. His first words were, *eeerrrmmmmm did they happen to remember to tell you that I need your landlord's signed permission?* *No Glenn, they did not or it would be in my little hand. However, if you will look a the other 16 apartments, 12 of them are already Dish suscribers. However, I will give them a call.* Oh, you are already ahead of me and the story! Of course the landlords were no where to be found! Glenn told me that he would call back before he left town and see if I had gotten ahold of them. At 12 I set Glenn free back into the wild with promises to call the company and set up another time as soon as I got my permission slip.

But the day was in no way lost to me. I turned my TV off right before I took Bebo to school and it did not come back on until the news at 6. I crafted! I sewed! I lunched with Baby gator! I got a hair cut! I got to pick Bebo up from school! We did happy hour at the Sonic! I got to be a bonified after school mom for a change! It was not a wasted day at all. I made vanilla. Hemmed the pants that are now on my body. Made a purse. Made an apron. Ironed the clothes that I want to wear for the week. Made more tapioca. Worked on the Valentines that I am sending out. The only down side to the day? My ass got kicked by freakin pot holders. Friends, if you ever receive pot holders as a gift from a friend....Please appreciate the work and effort that went into them. Those things ought to be framed. They are something that me and the sewing machine have not mastered yet! I do believe that I could have whipped up a prom gown much easier and faster.

The Valentines and the ironing board was the glitter connection. I had used the ironing board as an additional work surface. Then, when I ironed the shirt......TADA! Instant sparkles. And you thought it was just my personality.

So here I am, a day late and not the least bit apologetic. My list:

1. Meet at least 3 in real life bloggers that I do not already know. Really thought that was going to happen in January but it just did not. Life sometimes just gets in way or fun stuff.

2. Develop a better prayer life and attend both Sunday School and Church on Sunday's. Well, 2 out of 4 Sundays I attended both Sunday School and Church. Not proud of that one. One Sunday I was in Clarendon helping family. The first Sunday of the year I was there without Bebo. They had communion so the balcony was closed. That is usually where I roost with the rest of my familiar group. So, I had to sit at the bottom....Alone.....With no one that I knew. I almost bailed but I stuck it out. Hey, I never said that my actions would make sense!

3. Make at least $75.00 a month on Ebay. ~sheeze~ Did not even put a thing on. However, I did not buy anything either.

4. Go to the dentist. Not yet but I did call my insurance company and pick a dentist so progress has been made.

5. Make a t-shirt quilt with my new sewing machine. I think that I need to master pot holders first.

6. Get fitted by a professional bra fitter. Not yet, gotta wear out this new bras a bit first.

7. Get more disciplined at yoga and practice at least 5 times a week. Okay, now I am beginning to get really embarrassed over my list. It looks as though I have slept through the entire month of January! Yoga DVD is now out and it will be done tonight! I will also walk on my gazelle.

8. Go camping in the mountains....For real mountains. A bit too cold yet.

9. Create a piece of art. Still just in the crafter stage. But I do have some ideas.

10. Have our family portrait (Baby Gator, Bebo and I) done in black and white with us wearing black shirts. Bought Baby gator and I shirts so this one is a bit closer.

11. Get a better more reliable vehicle. YEA!! Did it!!

12. Become a better steward of my money by being more frugal and recycling more. Had to made a down payment on the vehicle and pay for Baby gators books so savings is a bit low. However, that will change!

So how about you? How are you doing??

I am still open to sending out Valentines!! Come on, you know you want one! And, tis not a card but something better! Send me your name and address in my email and I will put you on the list! I am mailing out the first set tomorrow!